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Filter the Cards List

These features are available only in AccountRight 2016.3 and later.

While the search feature is great for finding cards that match simple criteria, filtering enables you to take searching to the next level.

For example, you might want to filter your cards list to show all customers who:

  • have an outstanding balance greater than a certain value

  • you promised to get back to on a certain date

  • haven't bought from you this year

  • live in a certain state or postcode.

Want to print the Cards List? Once you've filtered what you were looking for, right-click the list and choose Copy List to Clipboard. You can then paste the list into a spreadsheet or any document you like, ready for printing.

Simple filter

To filter your cards, click the Filter button. A blank row will appear at the top of your card list.

Type into a column's filter row to only show cards that have matching values in that column.

By default, typing a filter term will only show results that begin with the characters you enter. If you want to show all fields that contain the filter term, not just start with it, add an asterisk at the beginning.

For example:

If you type 2 into the Overdue column's filter row, only balances that start with 2 will appear. (image)

If you type *2, all overdue balances that contain 2 anywhere in the balance will display. (image)