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The Cards List

Some of the features described here are available only in AccountRight 2016.3 and later.

A card is a record that contains details of an individual or business that you deal with. Use the Cards List window (go to the Card File command centre and click Cards List) to access information about your:

Click New to create a card, or click an arrow to view detailed information about an existing card.

select a card

New Cards List features introduced in AccountRight 2016.3

Click the image below to see what's new.You can learn more about these features in the sections below.


Printing a list of cards

Click the Print button in the Cards List window to print a summary list of your cards (such as the card NamePhone, card Type and Current Balance).

If you want a card list with more details, such as a list of customers with their addresses, run the Card List [Detail] report (go to Index to Reports > Card > Card List [Detail]). See Cards reports.