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Custom lists

You can set up lists of predefined attributes and assign them to your items or cards. This means you can group your items or cards to a greater degree than is possible with identifiers.

For example, you could set up a custom list containing each of your sales territories, and allocate those customers to the appropriate territory. You can then filter reports to only show information about customers who are within a particular sales territory.

Custom lists are made up of:

  • the name of the custom list, such as "Sales Territory", and

  • the entries within a custom list, such as "City centre, North, South", etc.

Custom lists are displayed on the Card Details tab of your cards, or the Item Details tab of your items.

Custom Lists in cards

Here's how to set up a custom list.

Deleting custom lists

Custom lists are always displayed in cards and items and can't be deleted. You can delete the custom list entries (see the steps above) then, if you like, you can rename the custom list.