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Fields and columns you can add to forms

When you personalise a form (Setup menu > Customise Forms > select form > Customise), you can choose to add fields and columns. These fields and columns are specific to the form you're customising, and automatically display data that comes from your company file, like an invoice number, item price or customer address. We've listed them below for each form type.

If you want to add your own text to a form, see Add text and fields to forms.

To add a field

Click Fields in the Customise toolbar.


To add a table column

Right-click the table and choose Show/Hide Columns, then choose the columns you want to show.

Add remove columns

Fields you can add to forms

Here are the fields you can add to each form. If the field you need to add isn't listed, you can add a text box to your form and enter the required text.

These field descriptions are based on the Australian AccountRight versions. The fields used in New Zealand forms are identical, except for some minor local differences. For example, in the Australian products, tax related fields are labelled as "Tax" while for New Zealand, they're labelled as "GST".

Supplemental field descriptions

These are additional fields you can add to some forms. You add them the same way you do with other fields, via the Fields button in the Customise toolbar.