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Add text and fields to forms

When personalising your forms (Setup menu > Customise Forms > select form > Customise), use the Customise tab in the Form window to add text and data fields and change field properties (such as font and colour).

Text boxes and data fields

Text in forms appears either in a text box or data field. But what's the difference?

On the printed form, it looks like this:

Text boxes

These contain whatever text you'd like to display on your form. For example, you might add a text box to the footer of an invoice to display your refund policy. Text boxes can also be used as labels to describe adjacent data fields, like the Invoice No: example above. Text within text boxes can be changed or removed to suit the needs of your form.

Data fields

These fields appear within square brackets, such as [Company Name]. The info in these fields can't be changed because it comes from transaction or card details, or from the Company Information window. This includes information like your company name, an invoice number or a customer's address. Which fields can I add to my form?