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Approving a bank feed

Once you've set up bank feeds, your bank transactions are automatically fed into AccountRight. If a corresponding transaction exists in AccountRight, the bank feed transaction is automatically matched to it. All you need to do is approve these matched transactions.

If a transaction remains unmatched, you can either find a transaction you’ve previously entered in AccountRight, or create a new transaction in AccountRight.

Using bank feeds for the first time? If a transaction that you've already reconciled in AccountRight (or have marked to be reconciled) remains on the Bank Feeds window, click the refresh button (). If the transaction remains, it means you can't match it. Instead, you can hide the bank feed transaction to remove it from the Bank Feeds window.

Review bank feed transactions

To review transactions, such as unmatched ones, right-click the transactions in the Bank Feeds window and choose Copy List to Clipboard. Then paste the details into a spreadsheet, document or email.

For more details, see How bank feeds can work for you.

Automatic bank transaction delivery, approval and payment

Online company files only

If you install the latest version of AccountRight, you'll save even more time by:

  • having bank feed transactions delivered automatically

  • automatic approval of matched transactions

  • automatic recording of payment transactions to approved invoices and bills. 

If you activate all of these features, it means that you'll no longer have to manually get your bank transactions, manually approve them or manually enter payment transactions against invoices or bills. AccountRight will now do all of this. So not only are transactions ready to be reconciled, they've been closed off too, saving you even more data entry.  


Manually approving a bank feed

If you haven't opted for automatic approval of bank transactions, follow the steps below.

Bank feed approval FAQs