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Fixing out of balance bank reconciliations

Just upgraded from old MYOB Essentials and your bank rec doesn't look right? This might be because of an unsaved reconciliation in your old MYOB Essentials – see Check your MYOB business after upgrading.

When you're reconciling a bank account, an out of balance amount tells you that something isn't quite right. So you need to work out what's gone wrong.

An out of balance will be caused by a problem in your current reconciliation or a previous reconciliation.

Get expert help resolving out of balance reconciliations – invite your accountant or bookkeeper into your MYOB file so they can investigate the issue and help you fix it.

Undoing a reconciliation

If your issue relates to a previous reconciliation (perhaps a transaction was incorrectly reconciled, or a wrong date was used) and you haven't been able to fix these issues, try undoing the last reconciliation. All transactions for that period will return to an unreconciled state, and you'll need to reconcile them again using the previous bank statement.