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Loans and repayments

Need help with business financing?

MYOB has partnered with Valiant, the lending experts, to make it easy for your business to access the right finance solutions. Find out how to Find a business loan with Valiant.

You can use MYOB to record the receipt of a loan and to record the repayments. Because there's lots of loan types, interest rates, terms and conditions, you might need help from your accounting advisor. They'll be able to help advise on your financing options, the tax implications, and how to handle the finance transactions in MYOB. Start by inviting your accounting advisor to your MYOB business.

To accurately track a loan in MYOB, you'll need to know:

  • the initial loan amount

  • the value of your repayments, and

  • the repayment breakdown (how much of the repayment reduces the principal, and how much relates to interest charges)

Here's how to handle a basic loan, where you'll receive the loan amount then make repayments.