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Viewing your bank statement import history

On the Bank statement import history page, you can see all the bank and credit card statements you’ve imported into MYOB.

Take a look:

To view your import history

  1. Go to the Banking menu and choose Bank transactions.

  2. Click Import statement. The Bank statement import history page appears.

  3. Choose the Bank account you want to view imported statements for. A list of all the statements imported for this account appear.

  4. If you want to delete an imported statement, click the delete  icon for the statement, then click Delete at the confirmation message.


Why are there no imported statements?


Imported statements will only show on the Bank statement import history page if you imported each bank statement manually yourself. If you used bank feeds to import bank transactions automatically, they will not show on this page.

Bank feed transactions are not sent by your bank as part of a bank statement – they are sent individually over a secure connection between your bank and MYOB and go directly to the Bank transactions page.

See Working with bank transactions.