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Bank feeds

Bank feeds allow information from your financial institution to be sent straight to MYOB so you can save time on your data entry.

Banks feeds are included with your MYOB subscription plan and we support many financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand. The number of bank accounts you can link depends on your plan. Go to My Account to see your current limit or upgrade your plan (click your business name > My Account > Manage my product).


What does it cost to use bank feeds?


Bank feeds are included with your MYOB subscription plan. Some plans are subject to the MYOB BankFeeds Fair Use Policy (Australia | New Zealand).

How often will I receive bank feeds?


How often your bank feeds are updated depends on your bank. Search the list of supported banks and their feed frequency (Australia | New Zealand).

If bank feeds are not appearing within your bank's specified feed frequency, contact us so we can look into it.

Will my bank feeds include older transactions?


The first bank feed you receive will have transactions dated from when your bank feed was approved. Any transactions that occurred while you were waiting for the bank feed to be set up won’t be included. If you want to add these transactions, you can add them manually, or import a bank statement that contains them.

I'm having trouble with my bank feed - what do I do?


Contact us and we'll help you get back on track.