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Changing a transaction's exchange rate

AccountRight Premier 2018.3 and later only

When working with multiple currencies, you can use live exchange rates (online files) or set your custom exchange rates.

If you need to change an exchange rate, either permanently or just for one transaction, you can do it when recording a transaction.

Here's how:

To change a transaction's exchange rate

  1. When entering a foreign currency transaction, click the exchange rate. The Currency window appears.

    Don't see the Currency field? This is only available in AccountRight Premier 2018.3 (or later) after activating multiple currencies.

  2. Change the exchange rate.

    Click Currency Calculator for help working out exchange rates. Learn more


    • To change the currency's default exchange rate, click Edit and enter the new rate. This updates the rate in your currency list so it'll be used for this and all future transactions for this currency.

    • To change the exchange rate for this transaction only, select the Custom option and enter the rate.

  3. Click OK.