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Two-factor authentication for accountants and bookkeepers

Two-factor authentication (2FA) keeps your data secure, and it's mandatory to meet industry standards.

There are three 2FA methods authenticator app, SMS or email) and the best option for you will depend on the way your office is set up. Does everyone have a smartphone? Does everyone have access to the email account associated with their login details? More about 2FA methods.

For general information on MYOB's 2FA, see the Two-factor authentication help page.

Note that implementing two-factor authentication will not affect access to:

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    your Accountants Enterprise or Accountants Office Suite, or

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    your online practice functions, such as MYOB Portal, dashboard and online tax features via the AE/AO Live icon.

Remember - your team members can select the option Trust this device for 30 days, so they won't need to type a verification code every time they sign in (if they're using the same computer).


Where can I learn more about the security technology behind 2FA?


If you'd like to learn more about the security technology behind MYOB's two-factor authentication - including the authentication app - please read The Security of MYOB's Two-Factor Authentication White Paper.

Is 2FA mandatory for my practice?


2FA has been mandatory since 30 June 2018 to meet new industry standards.

How do I get help if I have trouble with 2FA?


See Getting help with two-factor authentication.

If you need additional support, please contact us:

If you use Accountants Enterprise or Accountants Office, click here for MYOB contact information.

For all other MYOB Partner support, log a support case via MYOB Practice, or contact us.

Will this impact my access to multiple client files?


2FA is associated with your login, not the files you're accessing. This means if you've set up 2FA for your login, 2FA will be used regardless of which file you're accessing.

If a client hasn't already done so, ask them to invite you to access their books online. Learn more about advisor invitations for MYOB Business and MYOB AccountRight. You'll then be able to access their file using your 2FA enabled login.

Can I share logins?


The ATO doesn't allow shared logins.

Do authenticator apps require mobile coverage, data or internet access?


Once installed, most authenticator apps don't require mobile coverage, data or internet access. But it's best to check the settings within your authenticator app to see if you need to enable offline functionality.

Going overseas? No problem, your authenticator app will still work. If the Google Authenticator app stops working while overseas, it might be a time sync issue (see this Google support doc for help).

If you have any issues using your authenticator app (overseas or at home), check the help for your app.

Avoid getting locked out - set up an additional 2FA method 

Give yourself options by setting up both app and SMS 2FA. Here's all the details.

What if I don't have a smart phone or access to my email when visiting clients?


There's a couple of options:

  • Use an authenticator app called Authy
    You can install Authy on your laptop and use it for 2FA.

  • Use a recovery code
    Use a “one time use” recovery code to sign in at client sites. You would have been prompted to copy and save this code when you set up 2FA. The recovery code allows you to sign in to your MYOB account when you don't have access to your other 2FA methods. Learn more about using your recovery codes.

Avoid getting locked out - set up an additional 2FA method 

Give yourself options by setting up both app and SMS 2FA. Here's all the details.