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Two-factor authentication for accountants and bookkeepers

If you're an accountant or bookkeeper interested in using two-factor authentication (2FA) in your practice, there are a few important details you should consider.

SMS 2FA is being rolled out

We're excited to be gradually rolling out SMS 2FA, but it can only be set up if prompted to do so. For now, if SMS 2FA is set up it's not possible to switch to a different 2FA method.

Should my practice use 2FA?

Yes. 2FA keeps your data secure, and it's mandatory to meet industry standards.

You can set up 2FA using either an email account, or an authenticator app. The right option for you will depend on the way your office is set up. Does everyone have a smartphone? Does everyone have access to the email account associated with their login details? Help me choose.

For general information on MYOB's 2FA, see the Two-factor authentication help page.

Note that implementing two-factor authentication will not affect access to:

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    your Accountants Enterprise or Accountants Office Suite, or

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    your online practice functions, such as MYOB Portal, dashboard and online tax features via the AE/AO Live icon.

Remember - your team members can select the option Trust this device for 30 days, so they won't need to type a verification code every time they sign in (if they're using the same computer).