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Two-factor authentication

Change to sign-in frequency

If you notice that you’re being prompted to sign in to MYOB more frequently, or less frequently, than previously, this is because of a security enhancement we’ve released in response to customer requests.

These days a password isn't enough to protect your online data. That's why we use two-factor authentication (2FA) as a second layer of protection. It involves using something only you have access to: either your email inbox or a mobile device.

This makes it harder for unauthorised people to get into your MYOB software.

How does it work?

You'll still use your email address and password to sign into your online MYOB software.

Then you'll need to enter an authentication code to verify that it's you.

There's three ways to get this code:

  • via an authenticator app (recommended) on a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.)—the code displays in the app

  • via email—the code is in an email sent to the address linked to your MYOB account

  • via SMS—the code is sent to your mobile phone via text message

Getting set up

The first time you access your online MYOB software, you'll be guided through the 2FA setup. For detailed steps on setting it up, see Setting up two-factor authentication.

To learn more about what 2FA method to choose, see Choosing which two-factor authentication method to use.

Once you're set up with mobile app or email 2FA, you'll be able to switch between these methods. See Switching between email and app two-factor authentication.

Changed phones? Find out how to set up mobile app 2FA on your new phone.

Signing in with 2FA

Log out when you’re done

It’s good security practice to log out at the end of every session.

Which 2FA method is right for me?

It's more secure and easier to use an authenticator app, however you'll be set up for email 2FA by default. As well as email or app 2FA, you can also set up SMS 2FA. Need more details? See Choosing which two-factor authentication method to use