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Switching between email and app two-factor authentication

You can now set up additional two-factor authentication (2FA) methods, which gives you options for receiving your 2FA codes. This means you no longer need to "switch" between methods.

For example, you can now set up SMS 2FA on your phone and the 2FA authenticator app on a tablet. Then, if you don't have your phone handy and can't receive SMS, you can still get your 2FA code using the authenticator app on the tablet.

Available 2FA methods

  • Authenticator app (recommended) on a mobile phone or tablet – the code displays in the app

  • SMS – the code is sent to your mobile phone via text message

  • email – the code is sent to the email address linked to your MYOB account. Only available if you set it up when you first set up 2FA.

More about these 2FA methods

Need 2FA help?

See Getting help with two-factor authentication.