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Editing supplier details

You can make changes to your suppliers details by opening their contact record and adding or editing information in the profile.

Note that changes won't be reflected in a supplier's existing bills or purchase orders. For example if you change a supplier's address, their old address will still show in their existing bills, but their updated address will show in any new bill you create.

If you need to update an existing bill, see Editing bills.

To edit a supplier

  1. Click the Contacts menu and choose All contacts.

  2. For the Contact type, choose Supplier.

  3. Click the supplier's name to open their record. Need help finding a supplier?

  4. Make your changes.

    1. Tick

      If you want to email remittance advices to a supplier, ensure that their email address is in the Remittance advice email field:

  5. Click Save.

For more details about the information you can store for a contact, see Viewing and entering contact information.