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About Premium Inventory

Premium Inventory is the ability to create more than the 10 inventoried items included with an MYOB Business Pro or Lite subscription. It appears on its own MYOB invoice (separate from the MYOB Business subscription invoice):

Premium Inventory invoice

Charges for other Premium features, such as Online Invoice Payments and payroll usage, appear as line items on your MYOB Business subscription invoice.

Premium Inventory doesn't yet appear on the .txt disbursement file sent with your MYOB invoice. See the FAQs below for information about how to control who can upgrade or downgrade inventory.

How to pay for Premium Inventory

You can pay Premium Inventory invoices by credit card or direct card. If you normally pay MYOB invoices using BPAY or EFT, you'll need to use a credit card or debit card each time you pay for Premium Inventory.

You should pay prior to the due date and ensure that you have a secure connection to You should also confirm you are paying the invoice number and amount that appear on the invoice.

Just click the pay by credit card or debit card link in the invoice attachment, enter your card details and click Pay.

You can view all of your MYOB invoices by going to My Account > View my bills.

How you're charged for Premium Inventory

The amount you or your client is charged for using inventory in MYOB Business depends on how many inventoried items the business uses, as in, how many items you want to track the on-hand quantity of.

You can create as many I buy/I sell items as you want with the included inventory features in MYOB Business, but there is a limit of up to 10 inventoried items you can create, beyond which you have to pay the fee for Premium Inventory. This limit is based on the number of active items that have the option I track stock for this item selected:

Item with I track stock for this item selected

An active item is an item that has the option Inactive item deselected. When Inactive item is selected, the item no longer appears in reports and some selection lists and is no longer counted as part of the number of inventoried items you're using. For more information, see Deactivating and reactivating items.

Selecting I track stock for this item unlocks the ability to track the quantity of the item that you have on hand, to automatically update that on-hand quantity whenever you buy or sell the item, and to use inventory reporting.

If you're using the included inventory features in MYOB Business, you can select this option on up to 10 items. If you're using Premium Inventory in MYOB Business, or you have subscriptions to the AccountRight Plus or Premier desktop apps, you can select this option on an unlimited number of items.


You're using the included inventory features in MYOB Business, and you use 10 inventoried items. This means that each of these items have the option I track stock for this item selected.

You have other items in your business that don't have this option selected. They're not counted towards the number of inventoried items you're using. If you wanted to track the on-hand quantities of these additional items, you would need to upgrade to Premium Inventory.

Upgrading to Premium Inventory

You can upgrade to Premium Inventory if you want to create than 10 inventoried items. You can do this straight from MYOB Business or via My Account.

Fee for Premium Inventory

If you upgrade to Premium Inventory, you'll pay an additional fee on top of your subscription, allowing you to track more than 10 inventory items per month. 

The fee is added as an additional line item to your MYOB monthly subscription invoice.

To see the fee for Premium Inventory, visit the MYOB website: (Australia | New Zealand). For general legal info about MYOB Business, see the MYOB Business terms of use: (Australia | New Zealand). 

To view your bills from MYOB, go to My Account > View my bills.