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Quoting and Selling

MYOB CRM enables you to issue professional quotes faster than ever before. With multiple payment options and seamless selling processes, MYOB CRM empowers you to close deals swiftly and effortlessly

A render of the MYOB CRM portal, focused on the Sales tab.

Handle sales like a pro with MYOB CRM

Create custom quotes, manage your sales pipeline, integrate webforms and more.

A render of the sales screen in MYOB CRM, with quote status columns and several companies under each.

Boost your sales funnel efficiency with MYOB CRM's smart lead allocation and follow-up tools.
Selling at scale using an online quoting software has never been this straightforward, helping your business thrive and expand effortlessly.

A render of the "stripe" and "eWay" logos beside each other, with a button labeled "Accept Online Payments" underneath.

Accept online payments with ease

MYOB CRM seamlessly integrates with industry-leading payment gateways like Stripe and eWay, making online payments a breeze.
Use your quote management software to provide your customers with flexible payment options and enhance their purchasing experience.

A render of a webform.

Boost sales with insta-buy webforms

Integrate "Buy Now" links that can be emailed, texted, or embedded on any website.
And instantly turn potential leads into paying customers with this convenient feature within MYOB CRM’s quoting feature.

A render of the MYOB CRM customer portal.

Enhance customer experience with a portal

Empower your customers with a free portal where they can view service tickets, make product purchases, download documents, and pay quotes and invoices.
Now you can deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience that keeps customers coming back.

See MYOB CRM in action

Watch a MYOB CRM demo, tailored to your business needs

Choose which features you’d like to know more about, and we'll instantly send you a personalised demo of MYOB CRM specific to your business needs.

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Quoting and selling made easy

We’ll meet you where you are

MYOB CRM plays nicely with the tools you already use.

No need to leave the nest

In addition to other MYOB services, MYOB CRM integrates with leading e-Commerce, accounting, tax and payment solutions, including Xero, Stripe and more. Plug in your favourite business management apps and keep your company soaring.

Watch a MYOB CRM demo, tailored to your business needs

Watch a demo

Everything you need, all in one place

A render of a sales pipeline in MYOB CRM showing different stages of the sales process.

Customise all stages of your sales process

Tailor your sales pipeline to your unique business needs. Customise your sales process stages to precisely match your business's definitions and objectives.

Answering your frequently asked questions about MYOB CRM for Quoting and Selling