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Get started with MYOB Business

Whether you're just starting out, or run an established business, you can manage your business using MYOB

How MYOB helps you run your business

On the lefthand side of the image is a view of the financial reporting available from your MYOB Business dashboard. In this snapshot report, you can see income, expenses and net profit by month. On the righthand side of the image is a woman intently looking at an ipad.

Ditch the spreadsheets

Switching between tabs and documents to manually enter (and re-enter) the same details over and over — sound familiar? It's not only tricky to manage but chews up a lot of time. With MYOB, you can automate all your expense and income tracking tasks. Faster, easier and error-free.

A simplifed view of the MYOB Business dashboard. In this simple illustration, you can see three of the widgets available: the income report, the financial position report and the bank accounts snapshot.

Start with what you need, add the things you want

As your business grows, your needs will change. MYOB flexes to meet you where you are, whether you have a growing product range, or a growing team. You can add functionality like inventory and payroll whenever you want. It's easy to scale back, or scale up.

 On the lefthand side of the image is the income reporting widget from the MYOB Business dashboard. In this snapshot report, you can see the total income for the period on the left handside. Below that, is a month-by-month graph comparing this year to last year. The snapshot also includes cash received, invoices, open invoices and overdue invoices. On the righthand side is a woman smiling with her fists raised in the air in celebration.

Take charge of your cashflow and grow your business

Keep your cashflow flowing with access to cash before your customers have paid with invoice financing. You can even apply for business loans from within your software so you can take advantage of business opportunities as they arise.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to sign a lock in contract?


Nope. Subscriptions for MYOB Business Lite or Pro and AccountRight Plus and Premier roll over automatically at the end of each month for a further 1 month period. If you don’t want to renew, let us know at least 10 days before the end of the month.

How long does it take to set up?


Just a few minutes - honestly.

1. Simply choose the subscription plan that’s right for your business

2. Sign up

3. Log in (you’ll have access immediately). Once you’re logged in, we'll give you step-by-step guidance to help you set up and use the features your business needs.

How will I be billed?


Fees for your first 1-month subscription may be pro-rated and split across two separate invoices, based on the day of the month you sign up for your subscription. You will still need to pay any additional fees and charges that are due for the use of Premium Features (like Payroll, Online Invoice Payments or Premium Inventory). For example, these additional fees and charges and terms and conditions apply if you elect to use Online Invoice Payments.

At the end of your free 6-month period, the cost of your MYOB Business Lite, Business Pro, AccountRight Plus or AccountRight Premier subscription will automatically revert to the then-current standard full price advertised on our website.

What happens if I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?


If you upgrade or downgrade your subscription during the first 3 years, you will only get the benefit of the offer for the remaining period you were originally entitled to.

Can I migrate data into MYOB Business software?


Moving from other accounting software to MYOB Importing your data from Xero, Quickbooks Desktop or Reckon to MYOB is quick and easy with our free migration service. We work with a third party to make sure your data is securely moved to your MYOB account.

Moving from an Excel spreadsheet to MYOB You can follow these easy step-by-step instructions with sample files and templates.

Can I give account access to other people?


You can share access to your MYOB account with your advisor, accountant or bookkeeper at any time at no extra cost.

You can also adjust their access level so you can control what they can see and do.

Can I track jobs and bill customers by time?


Job tracking is available with MYOB Business Lite or Pro. You can track every job's progress, profit and loss, and expenses.

If you'd like to bill your customers based on time or attach individual budgets to each job you track, check out our MYOB AccountRight Plus and Premier plans.

Can I use MYOB Business Lite or Pro or AccountRight Plus or Premier on my phone?


Yep, you can access MYOB Business Lite or Pro or AccountRight Plus or Premier using compatible internet browsers and mobile devices.

We also have handy apps for managing your business on-the-go.

The MYOB Capture app lets you scan and upload your bills and receipts. You can also link them to transactions from your bank feed and use the data to create business reports.

The MYOB Invoice app helps you create smart, professional-looking invoices that let your customers pay you directly in just a few clicks.

I still have questions – how can I get help?


Please visit our Support centre if you need help with:

  • your MYOB account

  • using a product

  • troubleshooting