Advanced Project Billing

Project accounting software to help your business succeed

Make advanced billing easier with MYOB Advanced

Manage complex advanced billing scenarios and multiple variables at once -including fixed price, cost plus, milestone billing, contract specific pricing, and time & materials. You can then choose to modify rates by employee, account group, type of customer, project task and more.


Flexible advanced Billing

Easily handle complex billing rules with a flexible system built to manage your business needs. You can even use project-specific attributes to calculate project revenue.


Fixed-Price and Cost-Plus Projects

Experience flexibility in your invoicing, with options between fixed price or cost-plus dependent on the project and contract requirements. You can also cap billing on cost-based projects.


Revenue Recognition

Choose how best to recognise your revenue – based on percentage of project completion, or task completion.

Important features of advanced project billing

Automated Billing Toggle Section

Reduce errors and improve cash flow with automatically generated invoices and defined project billing parameters.

Billing Mark Up Toggle Section

Vary markups according to labour or service type, and apply at the customer level for maximum flexibility.

Multiple Rates Toggle Section

Get flexible billing for specific tasks or projects with multiple rates tables.

Reverse Un-Billed Transactions Toggle Section

Use automatic reversal and invoice regeneration to correct improperly applied charges to the billing transaction.

Billing Periods Toggle Section

Suspend posting of timesheets and expenses until released, and bill projects or customers on custom, weekly, monthly or quarterly cycles.