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Partner Status

 Diamond Partner 
   Exo Platinum Partner
  Advanced Platinum 


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 Advanced Business Standard  
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 Advanced Business Enterprise
 Advanced Payroll

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 Exo Employer Services

Company information

Age of company: Founded in 2006
Number of employees: 72
Total number of clients: Over 900

About us

As MYOB’s first Diamond Partner, Kilimanjaro takes a unique approach to using technology to drive enterprise efficiency. Being the largest and premier implementer, encompasses more than just implementations: we specialise in related projects including integrations, training, and third-party add-on solutions. We bring together skills in analysis, solution design, accounting and business process improvement to help businesses achieve their unique goals. We take great pride in giving our clients access to the best possible tools, helping them to manage the complexity in their businesses. Our low-risk implementation methodology guarantees that our clients are always in the safest hands.

Primary Industry Expertise: 

  • General-Ledger -Centrix organisations
  • Government and NGO
  • Franchises

Secondary Industry Expertise:

  • Inventory-based Businesses (Import, warehouse, distribute)
  • Project or Job Costing
  • Agribusiness
  • Health Care
  • Light Manufacturing


  • 2022 Partner Consultant of the Year
  • 2021 ANZ Excellence in Business Development
  • 2021 Australian Excellence in Business Development – MYOB Exo
  • 2020 Australian Excellence in Business Development – MYOB Exo
  • 2019 Australian Excellence Business Development – MYOB Exo
  • 2018 Australian MYOB Partner of the Year
  • 2018 Australian Excellence Business Development – MYOB Exo
  • 2017 Australian MYOB Partner of the Year
  • 2017 Australian Excellence in Business Development

Meet the partner

 Ronnie Baskind

Ronnie Baskind

Managing Director, Kilimanjaro Consulting

“We operate from the perspective of a being farmers rather than hunters, looking beyond short-term goals and focusing on growing and nurturing client relationships to deliver long-term benefits. We believe that our people are our greatest asset, and we have built a clever team to help our clients manage better and grow faster. We see ourselves as honest and impartial, organised and consistent, knowledgeable and expert. By being “tuned in” and listening to the clients’ challenges, we can ensure good outcomes, with low risk. It’s our genuine care and commitment top clients that makes us unique.” 

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