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Cloud manufacturing software for smarter operations

MYOB Advanced Business helps increase efficiency and maximise production value, with features designed specifically for the manufacturing industry.

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Streamline operations with efficient manufacturing software

Manufacturing worker in scrubs adjusts stock in a production line.

Production management and material billing

Use manufacturing operations management software to capture total manufacturing costs, including material, labour, machine, tool, overhead, and outside processes.

Plus, use bill of materials for both engineering and costed views of the entire product structure.


Material requirements planning and product configuration

View all supply and demand. Create production and purchase orders directly from the planning screen.

Create a new configured order by simply copying or modifying an existing configured order or quote.

Features to grow your manufacturing business

Bill of materials and routing

  • Connect materials, work instructions and overhead costs to an operation to accommodate time-phased release of materials.

  • Multiple levels of bill of materials for both engineering and costed views of the entire product structure.

  • Plus, calculate costs at average, standard and actual cost. Add tooling costs and overhead costs, both fixed and variable.

See how businesses thrive with advanced manufacturing software

Award-winning software for your business

MYOB offers industry-leading solutions that can adapt to meet your needs now, and into the future.

The experts agree

Companies across Australia and New Zealand rely on MYOB Advanced Business to automate and support the growth of their businesses.

Explore all the features of MYOB Advanced Business

MYOB Advanced Business

Customisable, cloud-based business management platform.