MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition

Increase efficiency with software designed specifically for manufacturers


Streamline your manufacturing operations with MYOB Advanced

The MYOB Advanced manufacturing edition integrates manufacturing, inventory management and accounting to help businesses ensure raw materials are available to production, efficiently manage the manufacturing process, maintain revisions, and track the financials. Be able to streamline business processes, generate accurate pricing, and calculate your total manufacturing costs.


Plan and coordinate effectively

Effectively coordinate and plan activities across your business with real-time updates from one central system.


Reduce product complexities

Reduce complexities around product management and be able to track designing/assembling activities.


Balance supply and demand

Respond to demand and market changes while optimising inventory and resources for effectiveness and cost control.


Improve collaboration

With timely and accurate information, collaboration within the company and the supply chain improves, and operations excel.

Optimise your manufacturing performance with our KPIs guide


Bill of materials and routing

Bill of materials and routing

  • Connect materials, work instructions and overhead costs to an operation to accommodate time-phased release of materials.
  • Multiple levels of bills of material for both engineering and costed views of the entire product structure.
  • Calculate costs at average, standard and actual cost. Add tooling costs and overhead costs, both fixed and variable.
Production management

Production management

  • Use manufacturing operations management software to capture total manufacturing costs, including material, labour, machine, tool, overhead, and outside processes.
  • Employ multiple scheduling options including both forward and backward manufacturing scheduling methods.
  • Monitor and manage performance with detailed reports, including actual vs. standard/planned costs by detailed element – labour, material, machine, tooling, and fixed and variable overheads.
Content for Materials requirements planning (MRP)

Material requirements planning (MRP)

  • View all supply and demand. Create production and purchase orders directly from the planning screen.
  • Use full multi-level planning to ensure that all requirements are recognized and satisfied for smooth production operations.
  • Enhance your manufacturing resource planning by planning every requirement for every item. MYOB Advanced MRP does not ignore detail by grouping requirements together.
Product configurator

Product configurator

  • Create a new configured order by simply copying or modifying an existing configured order or quote.
  • Make multiple revisions of the same configuration while maintaining a history of the revisions and who created them.
  • Based upon the features and options chosen, the system has multiple price roll-up capabilities to determine the actual unit price for a specific configured item.
Prepare estimates


  • Prepare estimates for existing or custom items. Create a simple, quick summary estimate or a detailed estimate using a bill of material structure.
  • Create a new estimate by simply copying or modifying an existing estimate, bill of material, or production order bill of material.
  • Make multiple revisions of the same estimate while maintaining a history of the revisions and who created them. Generate more accurate estimates of expected labour, material, and overhead costs.

Each of our ERP solutions comes with comprehensive financial management features


On-premise ERP customised for your business, combined with HR tools

MYOB Advanced

Online and cloud-based, the MYOB standard for ERP that grows with your business

MYOB Greentree

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We guide you every step of the way


Work with a trusted partner

Our ERP software is installed and managed by our trusted providers. We work hand-in-hand with them to give you the best experience.


The right training at all times

Getting up to speed with your ERP system becomes easier with comprehensive training for every feature.


Local support when you need it

MYOB and our trusted partners are here to help you whenever you need it - so you're never in the dark.


How do I get ERP?

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Step #1

Contact us. We speak with you to determine the best software solution for your unique business needs.

Step #2

We put you in touch with the largest network of partners in Australia & New Zealand who are fully qualified and accredited by MYOB.

Step #3

Our partner guides you through the installation process, on-site, and makes sure you get up and running.

Step #4

Training and support is provided throughout the entire journey. You can contact MYOB about any problems every step of the way.

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Because we tailor your ERP system to your business, pricing is dependent on what needs you have. Contact us to talk in detail about your needs and how we can create an ERP system that brings you value.

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Maybe! Do you often find that your system breaks because you have too much data? Is it slow and hard to manoeuvre? Do you need to rely on stop-gap methods, like extra spreadsheets or systems outside of AccountRight?

If so, then you might need ERP. Contact us to tell us your needs specifically and we'll help you figure out what to do.


We're always here to answers any questions or help kick start your journey.