Cloud IT

Cloud IT

Cloud IT is an Australian-based provider of bespoke Private Cloud computing solutions, partnering with some of the leading names in Australian small business.

Cloud IT began in 2010 as a progression of InfoTech Solution’s Managed Services, which offered support services to several Accounting Practice clients.

With two separate data centre facilities in Brisbane, the company uses tier 1 technologies incorporating global industry leading partners such as Cisco, NetApp, Citrix VMware and Microsoft.

Cloud IT offers businesses the following, comprehensive features:

  • High speed, secure access to full desktop server environments with integrated backup and disaster recovery solutions, fully maintained and supported by certified technicians. 
  • Fixed fee monthly agreements based on selected user numbers and services including Microsoft Office, SQL and Exchange.
  • Client friendly contracts ensure the security and ownership of your data, agreed levels of service and "five nines" (99.999%) guaranteed uptime with access via "any device, anywhere, anytime."

What does Cloud IT offer small business?

Cloud IT offers the ability to host individual applications or provide an entire Microsoft desktop environment with the latest and most stable Microsoft Server versions operating in the backend, fully compliant with MYOB’s Minimum System Requirements for the entire Accounting applications suite.

Cloud IT is fully backed-up across two separate data centre facilities, each with their own multi-redundant systems. A Citrix platform provides high-speed secure access, enabling the end user to have the same level of application and data access whether it be from their office, home or portable device.


Client data security is of the utmost importance to Cloud IT. Cloud IT’s highly controlled, multi-layered security environments are built to a standard well above that of most in-house systems, using enterprise-grade equipment that is beyond the budget of most Small Business owners.

All data is fully backed up across two separate data centre facilities and clients are able to retain their own copy if they wish.
The client retains ownership of their data at all times. The question of data ownership was one of the very first considerations included in their Private Cloud contract as they knew it would be of critical importance to their client’s requirements. Cloud IT provides a service to support a client's business, not own it.


Cloud IT’s approach to customer service was established on a foundation of working smarter, not harder.

From providing a team of highly skilled engineers with immediate full remote access capabilities, to the client accessible job ticketing system and contracted SLAs with a five nines uptime guarantee (99.999%), Cloud IT understands that to our Accounting Practice Clients, time really is money.

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