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Employee onboarding and payroll made easy

Empower your employees to securely upload their digital payroll information through self-onboarding. With automatic syncing to MYOB Payroll, tedious admin is a thing of the past.

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Screen capture of onboarding employee process with form fields for new employee name, position, email etc.

Save time

Help your new employees get up and running in record time. With a straightforward interface, automatic data sync and export functionality, employee onboarding has never been this easy.

Stay compliant

Get all the necessary personal, banking, tax and super info, right from the start. Mandatory fields and required document prompts ensure you’ll never miss a key piece of information.

Streamline processes

Tired of the endless back-and-forth admin when trying to get your employees into the system? Opt for a free solution that cuts through the red tape and seamlessly integrates your new employees into your business.

Ready to simplify your employee onboarding?

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How MYOB Employee Self-Onboarding works

A quick and intuitive way to request new employee details.

Onboarding your employees is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Employee onboarding dashboard in MYOB Payroll

Step 1: Sign into MYOB

Access employee self-onboarding through your MYOB Business, Essentials or AccountRight software via your browser or desktop software.

Step 2: Create an employee

Navigate to the Payroll section and select “Create employee”, which is where they’ll enter their details. You can then send a link to a secure form, where they'll be able to provide personal, bank, tax and superannuation details.

Step 3: Receive their details

Your new starter provides their employee payroll information, which automatically syncs to MYOB.

Less hassle. More hustle

A woman with curly brown hair wearing glasses raises her fists in the air with a smile on her face. In the foreground, there's a screenshot of a graph with three lines all trending upwards.

Once the employee self-onboarding form is completed, the information provided will automatically sync with your MYOB software. No need to interpret handwriting or manually enter employee details.

Now you can focus more time and energy on growing your business and delighting your clients.

All your questions answered about MYOB Employee Self-Onboarding