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Star Retail Group gets payroll right with MYOB PayGlobal

13 October 2023

With more than 600 employees, Star Retail Group has some very specific payroll needs. Moving to MYOB PayGlobal meant the company could gain a fast and accurate system, saving the company valuable time. 


Star Retail Group is the trading company for Quebec Nominees Pty Ltd. It operates various leading retail stores, including Thingz Gifts, Thingz Living and Red Dot Stores. It employs over 630 people across 86 stores in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Only two employees work in Star Retail’s payroll department. Therefore, it was important for the company to implement a payroll solution that was easy-to-use, accurate and saved valuable time. 

Time-consuming manual work 

Star Retail needed to efficiently manage multiple trading companies across multiple locations, with over 630 employees on alternate award rates and pay conditions. When tackled manually, this resulted in a huge amount of time being devoted to data entry, checking award rates and weekly store-specific reporting. Accurately calculating overtime and shift penalties for employees was also an issue.  

A rewarding solution 

Since 2004, Star Retail has enjoyed PayGlobal’s (now MYOB PayGlobal) ability to easily manage the company’s extensive employee data and multiple award rate conditions. 
“We have two different awards and it’s quite complicated,” says manager Cassandra Gilbert.

“So once the award rules and conditions are set up in PayGlobal, you don’t have to think, you can just run your reports and rely on the data being accurate.”

- Cassandra Gilbert, Manager, Star Retail Group 

MYOB PayGlobal also provides store managers with the flexibility to utilise an online timesheet entry tool. It streamlines the process of reporting the hours worked by on-site employees.

The online timesheet tool eliminates the need for collating and sending paper-based reports to the payroll team, where someone would then re-enter employee hours into a database prior to payroll.  

"What I really like about this system is how easy super is to deal with." 

Stellar results 

With a comprehensive, yet simple to use automated solution, Star Retail’s payroll team of two is able to easily manage pay for over 630 employees.

“Without MYOB PayGlobal, you’d be looking at half a day’s work to issue our store staff reports manually. We’ve now set up our reports into the format that we want – and it’s all automated – you just change the date, run the reports, and send! It’s a real advantage.”

MYOB PayGlobal also simplifies superannuation allocation for employees, especially when retail companies need to consider multiple funds, varied contribution percentages and young employees not yet entitled to superannuation. 
“What I really like about this system is how easy super is to deal with. In past experiences with other payroll systems, super was a nightmare and you would have to manually reconcile. But now, we have several funds to manage. And PayGlobal works it all out for you.” 

Before implementing MYOB PayGlobal

After implementing MYOB PayGlobal

Needed to efficiently manage multiple trading companies 

Too much time wasted on manual data entry, checking rates and reporting 

Ability to manage payroll with a team of two 

Streamlined and reliable payroll solution 

Ability to track data anomalies 

Ability to set security for different users 


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