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Simply Social has key business metrics at a glance

03 June 2024

Streamlining Simply Social’s common payroll tasks with MYOB made growing her business easy, says Indianna Roehrich. 


Key learnings for business owners seeking true progress: 

  • Love what you do — you live your business, so choose something you’ll be passionate about every day of the week 

  • A healthy you = happy clients — taking care of yourself through exercise, health and wellbeing allows you to give your clients the best version of you and deliver strong results for them 

  • Embrace the new– with social media moving at a rapid rate, it's important to keep up with the trends, so find processes to help you automate your workload as much as possible  

Social media’s steep learning curve can baffle even the most tech-savvy business owners. 

This pain point is central to Indianna Roehrich’s strategy-focused social media agency, Simply Social

“It’s in the name,” says Indianna. 

“Our whole ethos is about making it simple for brands to understand social media.” 


Easy favours demonstrate knack for social selling 

Indianna always wanted to run her own business.  

While studying, she applied the skills she was learning in University to real-time clients, with the first being her parents' wholesale flower business where if it's not sold today, it's off tomorrow.  

This fast-paced environment set the tone and standard for how she continues to operate today.  

To be at the forefront of social media trends and business, Indianna says you have to be talking directly to the customers and listen to their wants and needs.  

"I developed a strong social media strategy and they went absolutely gangbusters.  My mum would call me and say, 'take it down, we've sold out.' "  

Her talents didn’t stay secret for long, though. 

“Clients kept coming by word of mouth. By the time I left uni, I had six full paying clients." 

- Indianna Roehrich, Owner, Simply Social

“That’s when I just went for it.” 

Indianna looks to her parents as business mentors.  


Applying strategy smarts to unique circumstances 

Ever a problem-solver, Indianna’s unique approach to work and clients found success even during COVID. 

In the face of Melbourne’s first lockdown, several small businesses needing support looked to Indianna for a helping hand. The in-demand agency wanted to help, leading Indianna to develop the Simply Social App, which offers access to an Instagram planner and scheduler, educational videos and a 24/7 chat feature to the team at Simply Social.  

“I was getting so many questions about how to do basic things – now you can go to the Simply Social app and learn it all there.” 

In that sense, Indianna has gone from offering social media services, to developing a full-blown tech product in its own right. 

"It's been created to help small business and entrepreneurs thrive on social media," she says.  

As a small business owner herself, Indianna focused on value-adding features she knew other small businesses would benefit from. 

“You need inspiration, so I included podcasts with entrepreneurs and business leaders."   


Managing growth at scale: Business admin that’s “accurate and reliable” 

Understanding niche customer needs saw success come quickly for Indianna. But her business wins didn’t always come easy. 

“My biggest challenge has been managing growth at such a fast pace. 

“As my business grew, I needed a program that was accurate and reliable so I could manage my employees and make sure their hours, super, and leave were all calculated in one place.” 

Luckily for Indianna, there was a tidy solution to the problem: MYOB’s accounting software. 

“I did everything manually prior to MYOB and it drained so much time,” she said. 

“Once I switched over to MYOB, I got it all back and could focus on what I’m good at again." 

 - Indianna Roehrich, Owner, Simply Social


Your business at-a-glance via the MYOB Dashboard 

When it comes to business wins, Indianna appreciates the improved visibility and communication provided by her software. 

“The MYOB Dashboard is so simple and user-friendly to use – and if you know my brand, you know I like things to be simple.” 

- Indianna Roehrich, Owner, Simply Social

She also finds the reminders handy during busier periods. 

“It’s great when it comes to entering the employee details. If you’re missing any information, it’ll just alert you. 

“That way, you’re across your backend – because we all know that in business, your backend is everything.” 

And as a fan of tireless productivity, Indianna loves that she can access and update her business financials wherever she is with MYOB’s app. 

“I often jump in when I’m on the go to check my employee roster. 

“I can see how many hours I need to add in or if leave needs to be adjusted.” 

Looking back on lessons learned 

Now in her sixth year of business, Indianna is keen to share her learnings with other would-be founders. 

“My number one tip for running a successful business is to look after yourself, your health and your wellness." 

And while financial incentives — such as gaps in the market — are important to run with when starting a business, Indianna believes interests come first. 

“Make sure you’re passionate about whatever you’re taking on, whether that’s a new client, or starting a new business. Because whether you like it or not, a business is seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. There is no off switch.” 

  - Indianna Roehrich, Owner, Simply Social


Treasure learning opportunities 

Whether you’re a business veteran or new to the scene, mistakes can happen. 

While some might see them as failures, Indianna offers a gentle reminder to be kind to yourself. 

“When it comes to business, you’re moving at such a fast pace. Things can go wrong. 

“But when things do, just take a step back.  

"Take a deep breath." 

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