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Rescare Homes Trust supporting more people with MYOB

15 December 2023

When Rescare Homes Trust upgraded to MYOB Advanced Business and MYOB Advanced Payroll, it saw an opportunity to eliminate more manual processing by adding workforce and financial management modules.

  • One integrated, cloud-based ERP system that will scale with Rescare Homes Trust

  • Automated payroll and workforce management processes to save time and reduce errors

  • Fast, consolidated financial reporting without any manipulation

Originally established in 1994, Rescare Homes Trust supports adults with an intellectual disability to live self-directed lives within a community of purpose-built homes. It also provides vocational services to enhance independence, skills and experiences.

“Everyone deserves to live a great life,” says Michelle Creighton, CEO.

Today, Rescare’s growing number of residents and homes is supported by a team of 180 dedicated workers. When the organisation upgraded its payroll system for compliance reasons, it took the opportunity to consolidate other areas into a single business management platform.

Michelle shares how MYOB Advanced Business helps streamline and automate internal pay and leave management processes.

Juggling disparate systems and manual processes

Before MYOB, Rescare’s payroll system worked well, but it didn’t have many workforce management capabilities. So, the organisation integrated rostering and timesheet add-ons.

Michelle says they didn’t have any major issues with their previous set up however, many of the processes were still manual, requiring hours of repetitive data handling and entry. The Rescare team quickly recognised there was value in centralising all three functions in one platform.

“Everything that we did beforehand was quite manual. MYOB was the catalyst for automation.”

- Michelle Creighton, CEO, Rescare Homes Trust

“There’s a real advantage for any organisation to go to one support provider. In our experience, when you’ve got disparate systems, it’s harder to get help when there’s a problem.”

Payroll, finance and workforce management – all under one MYOB roof

As Michelle explains, every dollar that Rescare receives is funding for the people it supports, and that funding has to be spent wisely.

“Every time we enter a new supplier partnership, we’re very aware that we’re spending money that’s hard to get,” she adds.

However, she says the organisation is confident it’s made the right call by implementing MYOB Advanced Business, MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management.

“We’ve got a small team. With MYOB, we can scale without having more people on the ground.”

- Michelle Creighton, CEO, Rescare Homes Trust

Automated payroll processes and reporting

Previously, Rescare worked with an external payroll provider. With MYOB Advanced Payroll, the organisation has shifted payroll back in-house.

While it comes with extra work, Michelle says the organisation has more control and visibility of leave liability and sick day use from a central dashboard.

It’s also been the springboard for automating many payroll processes, like creating GL journals and payment batches. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors when paying staff. When payroll involves 180 staff, getting those numbers right is critical.

“We now have a scalable operation. Whether we’re supporting 100 or 200 people, we can do that without needing any more resources,” says Michelle.

All-in-one workforce package

By adding MYOB Advanced Workforce Management to the mix, Rescare now has one integrated solution for onboarding, rostering, timesheets and payroll.

Over time, the organisation has plans to use the software to improve its onboarding and timesheet processes, but it’s pleased with the improvements it’s seeing with rostering and tracking leave allocations.

“With MYOB Advanced Workforce Management, we’ve decentralised our rostering and redistributed the work to our service managers. That’s a huge benefit – it makes us more resilient as an organisation.”

- Michelle Creighton, CEO, Rescare Homes Trust

The mobile app is also proving to be a big hit. It lets staff submit leave requests and log their hours from anywhere, and that information is automatically populated in MYOB Advanced Payroll.

Flexible, scalable ERP system

Rescare Homes Trust is one of three entities under the same general ledger. With MYOB Advanced Business, the organisation can drill down and report on each entity or produce fast, consolidated reporting without manual manipulation.

With Velixo, a self-service Excel add-on, Rescare can extract and present data in any way it wants. When an audit is required, with the push of a button the team can easily export the necessary information.

Overall, the system has helped save days of work annually.

With MYOB Advanced Business, Rescare has also automated its internal funding processes using payment schedules. The result? It now takes a smidgeon of time to receive payments, with even better visibility of government support paid to residents.

“What was a five-hour job every month using Excel spreadsheets is now 30 seconds every fortnight.”

- Michelle Creighton, CEO, Rescare Homes Trust

“If something changes or we welcome a new resident, we simply update the schedule,” says Michelle.

What’s next? Opening a new village

Automation is like candy – you can’t stop once you start. And Michelle couldn’t agree more. Now that Rescare has implemented MYOB, the team is looking for more ways to improve the way it works.

“Our business model is reasonably simple, so we don’t currently use project management, but we could for our maintenance programme. So, that’s something we’ll look at in the future,” explains Michelle.

For now, the focus is on developing the plans for Rescare’s third community to include vocational services and homes for more residents.

With the support of MYOB, Michelle says the organisation is in the best position to deliver on its mission to support even more adults with an intellectual disability to create great lives for themselves.

Improvements since implementing MYOB Advanced Business, MYOB Advanced Payroll and MYOB Advanced Workforce Management:

  • One integrated system – cloud-based ERP system with payroll and workforce management

  • Set up to scale – automated processes to help Rescare grow without added staff

  • Automated payroll processes – save time and reduce the risk of pay run errors

  • Workforce management – more agile rostering and improved leave allocation tracking

  • Consolidated reporting – no manual manipulation required

  • Better visibility of government support – Rescare can export audit info with the push of a button.

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