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Mint Payments gets fresh ERP

16 November 2023

Find out how moving to MYOB Advanced Business allowed Mint to significantly streamline their processes, while providing infinite scalability for the future.


After seven years of steady growth, it became clear to the team at Mint Payments that the old way of doing things wasn’t going to cut it much longer.

As a tech company, it was important for Mint to handle their internal processes with the same speed and flexibility they provide their clients – which is why the ability to work from anywhere was crucial. Moving to MYOB Advanced Business has allowed Mint to significantly streamline their processes, and provides infinite scalability for the future. 

Before MYOB Advanced Business

After MYOB Advanced Business

Too many manual, time-consuming tasks 

Previous system not strong in accounting features 

Previous system offered poor value for money 

Powerful automation to speed up processes 

User-friendly, scalable system for future growth 

Better value ERP with a simpler pricing model 

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