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Growth and empowerment with MYOB Business

28 June 2024

Discover how Greenspace Bookkeeping is utilising the power and efficiency of MYOB Business to push the bookkeeping profession forward.

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Established in 2021, Greenspace Bookkeeping is already making big waves in the bookkeeping profession. With a vision to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Greenspace is shaking up what it means to be a full-service practice.   

Pamela Taylor, Founder, Director, and CEO of Greenspace Bookkeeping is passionate about the progress of the profession as well as shifting perception in the younger generation.   

“Bookkeeping is an integral part of finance and the business world more broadly, says Pam.  

“Without good bookkeeping, you have no foundation to base business decisions on.” 

- Pamela Taylor, Greenspace Bookkeeping 

 After nearly 20 years working for larger practices and corporates, often using MYOB software, Pam's goal was to offer comprehensive bookkeeping services that benefitted SMEs directly.  A key pillar of Greenspace’s operations is its in-person offices that is purpose-established as a co-working space for other local SMEs in the surrounding area.    

“It’s a way to provide them opportunities to grow their business, which is what our passion is about; it’s supporting small businesses,” Pam explains.  

It’s this alignment to helping businesses succeed that makes MYOB Business such a perfect match.   

Leveraging experience and drive to streamline business performance  

Pam’s drive to push the bookkeeping profession forward is what culminated in the founding of  Greenspace, a venture dedicated to helping SMEs understand their finances and achieve their business dreams.  

But it’s Pam’s dedication to business excellence that has catapulted her to the forefront of the industry.   

Since its inception, Greenspace has leveraged MYOB's suite of products to streamline operations, enhance client services, and foster business growth for both the business and their clients’ businesses.  

“MYOB really assists in everything that we do by providing an easy-to-use software.” 

- Pamela Taylor, Greenspace Bookkeeping 

Pam highlights several ways MYOB Business has been instrumental in her business's success:  

Process efficiency and data accuracy 

MYOB Business' bank feeds and reconciliation features allow Greenspace to maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records. 

This is a feature that allows both her business and that of her clients to thrive.  

“The MYOB in-tray where our clients can literally be out on the road taking photos of receipts and invoices, emailing them through, straight into their MYOB data file means that we've been able to keep accurate records for our clients,” Pam says. 

Additionally, the real-time data synchronisation eliminates the need for manual bank statement entries, saving time and reducing errors.  

“Using the MYOB suite of products, really helps with making sure that the client's data is accurate … it allows us to reconcile the accounts back to the data on a timely basis,” Pam explains.  

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“We're getting that data live in into the data file every day, which means that we can keep on top of our clients’ accounts on a daily basis, rather than maybe waiting until we're out on site with them, or at the end of the month when they send us all the information through.   

"With MYOB, we can keep on top of our clients' accounts daily, proactively requesting information and ensuring everything is current.”  

Online invoicing and payments 

The introduction of MYOB's online invoice payments (OIP) has been a game-changer for Greenspace. Clients receive invoices with a convenient 'Pay Now' button, resulting in faster payments and improved cash flow, which Pam says has been groundbreaking.   

“No longer am I waiting for clients to remember to add me to a payment run,” she says. 

This level of efficiency and accessibility has improved the business as well as client relations.  

“Clients now get my invoice in the same inbox. They get the beautiful green button at the top of the email that says ‘pay’.  Now they're jumping in and they're making the payment straight away,” explains Pam.  

“Having that option built into the software means that I'm not, wearing those costs, which means that I'm maintaining my profit levels in my business.” 

- Pamela Taylor, Greenspace Bookkeeping 

The ability to automate payment reminders further enhances efficiency.   "Our clients appreciate the ease of making payments, and it significantly reduces our time spent on debt collection," Pam notes.  

Employee onboarding and benefits 

MYOB Business' onboarding feature simplifies the process of bringing new employees into the fold.

By collecting essential information digitally before the employee's start date, Greenspace  ensures accuracy and compliance. 

Coupled with the employee benefits program, this feature helps small businesses offer competitive perks, fostering employee satisfaction and retention.  

Future growth backed by leading tech with MYOB Business  

Looking ahead, Pam is excited about the future of Greenspace Bookkeeping, with MYOB Business playing a pivotal role.  

She envisions expanding the business' service offerings, particularly in the advisory space, to help clients set goals, monitor progress, and achieve their dreams.   

“MYOB works to make sure that we understand what's changing in our worlds; they're at the forefront of any changes in legislation making sure that the software is ready for those pesky legislative changes,” explains Pam. 

"MYOB's continuous product improvements and partner support are invaluable.” 

Pamela Taylor, Greenspace Bookkeeping 

The advancements included in MYOB Business allow Greenspace to stay at the forefront of the profession, ensuring they’re continually improving their business operations, and thus the services and operational capabilities of their clients’ businesses.   “They keep us at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling us to provide top-notch services to our clients," Pam asserts.  

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Leading the profession into the future and beyond  

Winning the MYOB Bookkeeper of the Year award twice since Greenspace’s inception--first in 2021 and again in 2023--is a testament to Pam's dedication and the effectiveness of MYOB's solutions.   

The recognition not only boosts the credibility of Greenspace Bookkeeping in the profession but builds trust with the array of clients currently engaging in their services to keep their own businesses running effectively.  

 "It's an absolute honour to be recognised by MYOB. Their support and the advanced features of their products have been integral to our success," says Pam.  

With MYOB Business' comprehensive business management capabilities, Pam has transformed her business operations, freeing her to focus on client growth and her own career development.  

As Greenspace Bookkeeping continues to scale new heights, MYOB remains a trusted partner, driving efficiency, accuracy, and business growth. 

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