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Supporting SMEs to solve their biggest problems

15 May 2024

Ever since Sue Inkersell became a bookkeeper, her mission has been simple: to help as many small business owners in New Zealand as possible. Read how 3rd Arm Admin, MYOB Bookkeeping Practice of the Year 2022, supports its clients.


In 2007, Sue Inkersell started 3rd Arm Admin. What began as a one-woman show has become a team of 11 across two offices, helping hundreds of clients. Even after all these years, watching her clients achieve success — whatever that looks like for them — is what gets her out of bed in the morning.  

“Over the years, we’ve worked with some pretty cool clients and the biggest reward for me is watching those people thrive.” 

For the fifth year in a row, 3rd Arm Admin has won MYOB Bookkeeping Practice of The Year. Sue believes that winning streak all comes down to her team and the relationships they’ve built with their clients.  

"When you take the time to build trust, you can become a true problem solver. We’ve got clients that have five – even 10–year plans — and we’re still part of those plans.”  

Sue's decade-long partnership with MYOB has been an integral part of her team’s success — and the growth of her clients’ businesses.  

“Our job is to assist and empower NZ business owners to achieve success by gaining control and clarity over their financial position. We do that by using technology to streamline systems and procedures, so they can access the up-to-date and accurate information they need to run a profitable and sustainable business.” 

MYOB saves time and money 

Streamlining manual tasks: from 20 to 4 hours per week 

Two decades ago, when Sue hired her first employee, they spent their days keying in data. But these days, that’s not what’s best for the client or her team, she says.  

Sue explains that when they take on a new client, it can sometimes take up to 20 hours a week to get their systems sorted. But, irrelevant of how long it takes, the ultimate goal is to reduce the hours her team puts in as quickly as possible — and with MYOB, they can automate 75% of their everyday processing.  

“With the help of MYOB's technology and digitisation, we can focus on problem-solving and growth strategies rather than repetitive data entry and trying to connect information across systems." 

- Sue Inkersell, Owner, 3rd Arm Admin

Furthermore, MYOB provides a path to success at any stage of growth. 

“You can start off small with their start–up packages. Then, as you grow, the software can grow with you too.” 

One source of truth 

Time and time again, the best outcomes happen when clients, their bookkeepers and their accountants use the one source of truth, Sue says.  

The benefits are endless: bank recs are easier, you can customise reports, backups are automatic and data storage is secure. Throw in the automation of repetitive tasks and not only does it reduce the risk of errors, but suddenly, information becomes a business’s greatest weapon, adds Sue.  

“MYOB provides accurate and real-time financial information that our clients can use to make the best decisions for their business.” 

Perks of the MYOB Partner community  

Sue says the support she has received from MYOB over the past ten years has been nothing short of amazing. With training, resources, and a knowledgeable and responsive team, “it’s always been that the more you put into it, the more you get out of it”.  

"As a partner, we take full advantage of the MYOB software. My relationship with the customer support team has grown and I've found them incredibly supportive at every milestone." 

She also values the connections she’s made with other bookkeepers in the MYOB Partner community. 

“We’re a community of problem solvers. Every bookkeeper has their strengths, and we’ve made some great relationships with other bookkeepers whom we can lean on when we need help solving a problem.” 

Helping communities grow 

As the economy becomes more challenging for small businesses to navigate, Sue's goal for the immediate future is to make sure her clients stay in a position where they can grow and succeed — whatever that looks like for them — so they can give back.   

"I want to help clients grow a business that's still here in ten years, employing local people and supporting their local communities – and MYOB is a big part of this plan.”  


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