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‘Seizing advantage: The technology pivot ANZ businesses must make.’

Mid-market firms and the case for unified business
and people management platforms

Learn how Australian and New Zealand mid-market businesses are being negatively impacted by outdated
software and why embracing modern business and people management software is critical for success.


The cost of maintaining the status quo

Outdated software approaches are costing Australian and New Zealand mid-market businesses time, money and growth opportunities. The longer it takes to pivot to a unified platform, the greater the costs.


Emerging from challenges well prepared

With rapid changes brought on by COVID-19, digital adoption trends have been greatly accelerated. However, simply adapting to digital ways of working is not enough. Businesses need to quickly modernise their core systems to get ahead as we emerge from today’s uncertainty. Learn how a technology pivot will position your business to navigate this environment successfully.


Overcoming leadership inertia

Making the case for transforming core business and people solutions requires leaders to champion and empower change to help unlock the full potential of the business. Learn why making the case and getting leadership buy in is critical to the competitiveness of Australian and New Zealand businesses.


Recommendations for moving forward

From choosing the right future technology for your business, to putting together a strong case for transforming core business systems, this report includes 4 key findings to help mid-market decision makers give their business a competitive edge.

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