Transforming the mid-market

2018 MYOB Enterprise Insights Report

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The mid-market at a glance


2.6 million

People employed

Around a quarter of the nation's workforce are employed by just 51,000 businesses



Bigger businesses

The Australian mid-market makes up just 2.3% of all businesses




Mid-market businesses make a significant impact on the economy




Economic confidence is strong, with most firms believing it will maintain or improve

About the report

In this report, we surveyed 276 mid-market businesses from across the country to measure the performance of the Australian mid-market. In doing so, we seek to highlight the challenges they face and identify the barriers to their growth. We also hope to help bring their significance into greater focus and ultimately support their success.

The skills shortage reaches crisis levels

A shortage of skilled employees needed to support the demands of a business is reaching crisis levels among Australia’s bigger-business operators.

Top five bigger-business pressures

Top five bigger business pressures

To understand the latest pressures, challenges and opportunities for the Australian mid-market, and the impact they’ll have on the economy this year.

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