Are you overpaying on your electricity bills?

Take advantage of our Expense Check trial

Ever get that niggling feeling that your electricity contract is no longer the cheapest? We’ve partnered with Expense Check to help detect whether you’re overpaying and see if we can help you save a little more of your hard earned cash.


How does the trial work?

  1. We’ll send your most-recently uploaded electricity bill to Expense Check
  2. Their software reads your bill and compares it with real-time supplier rates
  3. Expense Check will email you to confirm whether you’re overpaying on your bill
  4. Their software reads your bill and compares it real-time with supplier rates


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By submitting this form, you're consenting to MYOB sharing your name, email address and latest electricity bill with Expense Check. Expense Check will create an account for you and email you with special offers and product tips. If you don’t want to receive any emails or telephone calls, you can unsubscribe by contacting Expense Check on at any time. You are also able to view Expense Check’s Privacy Policy here: