Why you’ll dig MYOB Portal

7th August, 2015

I could write a bunch of stuff about MYOB Portal, you know.

Stuff like how MYOB Portal is an effective method for safely transferring sensitive files to your client.

How it’s way more secure than emailing.

How it can speed up the approval process for you.

How it stamps a digital signature as required, eliminating the need for face-to-faces.

I could write a bunch of stuff like that. Or, I could show it to you in a 60-second video. A really cute video at that, featuring a landscaper digging up a cloud. I’m serious.

If you dug that, there’s also a somewhat expanded looksee at how it works featuring MYOB Portal product manager Lisa Miks and her sidekick Rhys Bateman. The video runs for around 15 minutes, and gives a very good oversight into how it all works.

Watch the introduction to MYOB Portal video