Which social media can’t you ignore in 2013?

With the announcement of Microsoft’s Socl social network, you might be getting a little overwhelmed with social media. You could be wondering how to keep up with all of these different platforms, especially if you are already drowning in social media. Indeed, many people are wondering if any of them are worth the investment and time.

I often hear people talk online about how social media is not just about clicks, but about brand equity as well. Well, I am in the camp that believes if you are measuring your social media activity by either of those two metrics alone, you are missing the point.

For the past 12 months, we have been monitoring 1300 numbers on websites to see where their visitors are coming from. They could be from Twitter, pay-per-click, keywords, Facebook and others. And the result might shock you.

So, what is the one social media activity that continuously gives the highest percentage of new sales enquiry month after month? Even for medium to large national businesses?

It’s blogging.

Ultimately, blogging means ‘writing’. Put simply: you can’t afford not to be creating great content in 2013.

Think about it: Big brand names such as Google and American Express are not just updating their customers on what they do, but also giving them a wealth of information that they can use. This is content marketing, and it is nothing new.

Are you devastated I said it’s ‘writing’? Just think this through. When you are tweeting and updating Facebook, what do you talk about? Are you only re-tweeting other people’s information? Are you only sharing other businesses’ stories? Are you driving the people you are spending all that time interacting with to other  websites?

What a waste.

A blog or regular news update is your opportunity to share your insight and research. It is the best way to demonstrate your thought leadership on the issues that matter to your potential clients. You need to get serious and learn to share your vision with them and their help them with their pain points.

Without creating useful, regular news from your industry, you are not actually adding any value on social media – except maybe some light entertainment. And I’m not against that, by the way. Being humorous and personable is highly advisable, but it’s not a strategy.

With the right keywords implanted into each post, your website also gets a good wallop of search engine optimisation. This makes it easy for search engines to discover your great content, and drive more traffic to it.

I can honestly say from years of trial and error on social media,  this is one social media activity that is worth your time. This activity is more important than any other habit you can form and will be a key lead generator for you.