What’s cooking: AccountRight Live and speed

Nobody likes a busy cursor. With AccountRight Live, we are constantly challenging ourselves to get things up to speed. Our recent trip around Australia and New Zealand confirms that it’s top of mind for those using AccountRight Live.

We think it’s pretty simple – AccountRight Live needs to run as fast as you do. Whether you’re a bookkeeper, a casual user, the owner reviewing the business, the pay officer paying the team, or an accountant doing the end of period reports.

So what constitutes speed in the cloud?

1. Workflow

In an online world, speed isn’t just about a chunky new machine. Speed is affected by the number of steps you take to complete a task. This is called workflow. If there are too many roadblocks, it becomes frustrating and slows you down. Remember the pop up calculator in the amount field? That was workflow pain.

2. Amount of data

Speed is also affected by how much data you have. We’re always surprised at how different businesses are. Some have thousands of cards, some have ten. Some have hundreds of items, some have five. The size of your file— the number of transactions you do and records you have—affects how long it takes to view a list or report.

3. Connection and processing speed  

Also, the speed at which we can send your numbers to our servers and how much data we send, affects how fast you can move on to the next task. Although this is somewhat governed by the speed of your internet—upload and download—if we send a heap of unnecessary data or our servers aren’t crunching your numbers efficiently, it’ll take longer than it should.

How can we make AccountRight Live sing in harmony with you?

There are things you can do, and there are things we can do. The first point is to check your machine and make sure you have enough grunt. We publish our minimum specs, but to get a good experience you can use a great tool called Speedtraq.com  There’s a lot of numbers there, but if you get your system information and find your processor name and look it up on SpeedTraq, any rating time less than 10 is going to result in a slow experience. If it’s below 5, your machine won’t cut it.

Your internet connection speed plays a big part in the cloud performance. You need high speed internet (at least 0.5Mbps) on upload to get a good experience. Check out  Optusnet Speedtest. There are heaps of equivalent sites but that’s what I use. If your upload sucks so will your experience of AccountRight Live.

From our end, we’re going to hit workflow and raw system performance, and we’re reengineering the backend of AccountRight Live to squeeze every last drop out of it so it works as fast as you need it to.

And the good news is that you won’t need to wait long to see some big improvements. The team are now working on these changes to include in the next AccountRight Live update. While your experience will not be as fast as a desktop software, we’ve set the bar high for ourselves to be the fastest cloud accounting system by year end.

We won’t fix everything in one release; it’s a journey that’ll continue for a while. But we think the changes we’re making in the next release will put us on a great trajectory to  improve your experience with speed.

  • John

    I dont think this guy Mark Smith has ever actually used Account Right Live. It annoys me to think that he even bothered to write it…. MYOB Account Right Live is so slow its almost unusable. The article above is a load of crap. Its seriously disappointing and for anyone looking to upgrade I would strongly advise you not to.

    • Hi John,

      Appreciate your feedback. We know we’ve got issues with performance. I guess what Mark is trying to say is that it is now a main focus at MYOB. A huge chunk of effort in product development is being put into performance upgrades. AR Live upgrades will be released throughout this year and users should see an improvement over time this year.

      But I know the proof is in the pudding. So until we get there, rest assured MYOB is working hard to deliver the pudding. Thanks


  • Allan McLaine

    My AccountsRightLive 2013 running on my desktop runs hopelessly slowly. Even the smallest file with very few business transactions runs slow. do not upgrade to this from MYOB V 19 unless you need the cloud – and you MYOB cover (renamed) only covers one company file.

  • Have just installed Account Right Live for a client, they had a very old MYOB version – a new PC with Windows 8 and a complete new MYOB package was the best option.

    Have to say though I am very disappointed in the speed of the program, my client will not be happy when they get this delivered! I have so far about 10 card files within one tiny data file which I have just created, but it’s the slowest program in the system!!!

    Am using the file locally – will not even think of the cloud until things improve.

    It’s nothing to do with the “Workflow, Amount of Data and Connection and Processing Speed” mentioned above – that’s all a ‘given’ nowadays and this PC specs are better that the recommended. On reading other client reports – same deal.

    I understand efforts are underway to improve the speed but I sincerely hope this is a priority!!!

    MYOB – Have used you for about 12 years now – this is my first ‘not happy Jan’!

    • Hi Brenda,

      Sorry to hear your experience with AR Live has not been satisfactory. May I know what version is your client on?

      Our priority this year is to improve speed. It’s done in stages, module by module. With the next version update coming up, we would have covered a lot of modules already. We are currently benchmarking our speed and performance against competitors with each update.

      Thanks for reaching out to us.


  • Wendy

    I am not happy at all with this AL2013.3 – I ve been using MYOB for more than 10yrs and this is the biggest dissapointment . One of my client got so much problems just issuing invoices . He did lots of things try to improve the speed , buying new PC, paid lots of monies to a computer wiz . Spent heaps of useless times just to struggle with day today invoicing speed. Upgraded from version 2013.1 to 2013.2 and with great hope to 2013.3 . At the end this version still require 10-15 mmin with crashes just to produce GST report. BAS link doesnt work at all. What going on MYOB?? He is seriously thinking to convert back to v 19.7 but he wants all his data transfered which will cost him money to pay bookkeeper. He is thinking to seek compensation from MYOB if not will go to fair trading to report. How MYOB will solve this problems ? MYOB should not be allowed to sell such a lemon unreliable product . Stick with v 19.7 .

    • Hi Wendy,

      Sorry to hear your disappointment. If you email me at aishah.mustapha@myob.com.au with your details, one of the product managers here is more than willing to give a call to help you out.


  • Denise

    Wendy is reflecting my sentiments – Live is not fit for purpose. My bookkeeper takes nearly twice as long to do my simple accounts now on Live rather than V19. And that was working off line so it has nothing to do with internet speed or computer specs as it’s the same computer he used last quarter with v19. I have the same issue with brand new high spec computer. And yes I have the most up to date version and file – this has been checked by at least 4 MYOB people I’ve had conversations with on other issues recently.

    I only swapped to Live in recently, and dealt directly with MYOB staff on several occasions. No-one mentioned that this product was incredibly slow, and there’s no reference to this known problem when people are looking to buy it. That’s bordering on dishonesty or at least withholding important information that clients need when deciding to choose this option. Shame on you MYOB for treating longstanding (14 years) customers in this way.

    And now V19 won’t open the file so I have to pay again if I want to go back to v19. Frankly, I think MYOB ought to be offering to pay for this for anyone who wants to go back to v19.

    I note from other comments that MYOB is aiming to have the fastest cloud product and are testing against competitors. Quite frankly, that’s not good enough. The first stage needs to be get up it to the same speed as v19, and particularly when working offline.

    And please tell us now when is the next version update being released, so we know how long until we should be seeing some substantial improvement.

  • Shane

    +1 for this.
    I’m a software developer, with a ridiculously powerful computer and an extremely under utilised 100mbps fibre optic internet connection.

    AccountRight Plus LIVE is unusable when ONLINE and rather woeful when Checked Out.

    Developing add ons for the AccountRight Live API gives the same results – terribly slow.

    I’d recommend everyone give this a serious test run before migrating across to it.

    • Hi Shane,

      Sorry to hear your experience has not been satisfactory. Is there anything I can do? Would you like to speak to one of our API managers? We are constantly trying to improve the user experience on AR Live.


  • Anne

    HI All,

    I downloaded AccountRight Plus 2013 and find it to be just one massive DINOSAUR! Not one thing is better or faster. I was told prior to this release that we would also have the option of formatting our reports and forms to a larger degree and other various “improvements”, this hasn’t happened at all. The only thing I have noticed with this program is that is exceptionally slow and that they have just made it to look like a windows program. I cannot understand why MYOB would release such a bad program before ensuring that it was at least better than the current one’s available.

    I was previously in IT for 15 years using all kinds of programs and applications and have been using MYOB now for 14 years and have never come across such a disappointing, slow, worse version than other versions as this.

    The one thing that worries me greatly is that eventually the AccountRight Plus V19 won’t be available for upgrades anymore and we will be forced to use this product. If that happens I would be highly recommending that we move to another application if this new version isn’t improved by at least 80% of its current functionality and performance and has more functionality than V19.

    Aishah’s comment below on 25 October “that they are benchmarking against speed & performance against competitors” should have stated “that they have improved speed, performance and functionality against previous versions” – if you can’t improve on your current versions why try and compare with your competitors?

  • Duncan Stirling

    Why, why, why?????
    The new version is hopelessly slow. I have called support who blamed my computer.(HOORAY!!!)
    The old versions are classic and easy to use so again why change??
    To me, you guys obviously threw something out on the market to attempt to match Xero without testing properly.
    Xero is by far, a superior web based software. I love MYOB but this version sucks!!!
    I have one client who uses it and it will remain that way because I will not recommend inferior software.

  • Michelle

    I have to agree with all the below. I have many clients, that I have been doing their books for over 10 years and now costing them more for me to do their data entry on the new live version and this is not even when connected to the internet. They are seriously considering move to another software program (not myob). And it has nothing to do with the speed of the computer even when I try on my computer which is very fast it is still very slow, pausing, crashing, not updating quickly enough…… I have to say in the 20 years I have used myob this is the worst version I have ever experienced. Myob need to seriously consider going back to the older version.

  • Ian Brown

    MYOB really SUCKS. Worst investment I’ve made in the last 3 years.
    Tried to just logon tonight (I have a paid job in the day) and cant confirm my file.
    Process a few transactions? No WAY!

    QuickBooks, bring it on. And I’m no fan of QB but cant be worse than this.
    Call me to resolve, if you wish.
    0419 601 082.

    • Hi Ian,

      I’ve just arranged for someone to call you. In the mean time, you can post any questions you have at our community forum. http://community.myob.com/

      Sorry for your inconvenience.

      – Aishah

  • Ian Brown

    I complained last night about access to verification of my accounts. I was contacted today and the problem is now corrected. Thanks for the prompt fix.

    • Denis

      I have upgraded to account live premier SE from v19.. We are wasting so much time with just simple order and invoice processing.
      What used take 3 hours now takes 8. Not to mention inventory and purchasing I thought Premier v19 was slow over a network but this new version account live premier is almost unusable. What am I paying $1188.00 per year for? I am seriously considering taking this up under the ACL. This product is really not fit for purpose.

  • gavin skinner

    Been using premier for about 10 years and found it pretty good.
    Just upgraded….. To the live version of Premier.
    Woefully slow when running live.
    Tried the ‘check out’ option which as I understand it means the Myob file is transferred to my local computer and should be similar in speed to the old version of premier. I would then check it back in when finished. So others could work on it then. But just as slow.
    Very disappointed. Tried the sync option too still no better. Is that what others are experiencing.
    Speed example viewing a bank account in Bank register after specifying the dates it now takes 5 to 10 seconds before being able to view it where as previously this was instantaneous.
    To record an invoice 3 to 4 seconds. Previously instantaneous.

    This is on a fast computer on a fast network with a fast internet connection.
    Any ideas.?

  • Chrissie

    I have just been advised to move up to the Account Right Live and am bitterly disappointed with it. I wish I had read all of this before changing. Has anyone moved their data file back to their server from being live. I think that it will be the best way to fix this issue. So much for MYOB giving me the best solution.

    • Hi Chrissie,

      We’re sorry that your experience has been unsatisfactory. You can call support and request to move back to desktop only without the cloud file.


  • I hope they improve it quickly as I am in a position that I need other people to access my files and help do the work remotely – which would be great. I have just upgraded and trying out the Account Right Live on one of our smaller files. I am having issues getting on the live file so have been working offline. Did a bunch of invoices and noticed that data entry is slower (even offline) and when I went to print the batch of invoices the printer paused in between each invoice – really slow. It also seems to affect what you can look up on your file while they are printing. It is slower working offline than previous locally loaded Account Right Premier for some reason. Customised forms – also some issues – they are not the same – had to adjust them a bit. Can’t search cards looking for anything but name – old program you could search on town, address – anything – why has this been eliminated? Also, clicking into description field to enter some extra detail in an item invoice is slow and I don’t like the reverse color system of the layout. I won’t be uploading any big files and risking unreliable connection to live file. I will keep trying it – maybe it’s resistance to change but I’m finding it frustrating so far.

  • Nola Sargeant

    I could kick myself for “upgrading” from V19 to 2014.1 – Having waited Live was well and truly established I would have thought that it would be working wonderfully. Shocking is an understatement – Basic data entry entails waiting I get the Not Responding error – which goes away after several long seconds. Tried working offline, however that was still slow – and the file took ages to sync. Today I thought I would try and migrate to Quickbooks online – unfortunately it does not appear they will convert the live version. MYOB need to do something so we can downgrade to version 19 – Which at least worked at a bearable speed. If I DO need to reenter data in order to move to obtain a useable software product, then I will not be keeping my MYOB subscirbption

  • Jeanne Evans

    Okay – so it’s Nov 2014 – how is it going with Speeding up MYOB AccountRight Live… I feel like I have road rage every day using MYOB. If there was an easy option of moving to another accounting system I would do it – at this stage we are waiting until the new year where we might have a bit of time and make the decision to move or not… Most disappointing as MYOB was a great system for us… but where I could make 1 or 2 keystrokes per second I now can make 1 keystroke every 7 to 10 seconds!!!!! It’s really bad. Have bought new superfast computer, (to fix MYOB issue). We can’t get any faster internet, so I bought an extra service that costs $40 per month for Telstra 4G – so have nice and fast internet speed now.. Did not make a bit of difference…. PLEASE can you bring us uptodate on what is happening to fix this problem. It has made our office extremely less efficient and effective and something has to change…

    • Hi Jeanne,

      Sorry to hear your experience. Have you looked at this support note? http://myobaustralia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/33860
      We’ve released several updates since this article was written. That said, the live version AccountRight won’t be as fast as AccountRight that you’re used to, especially if you have been using AccountRight for years, as the desktop only experience will be faster.

      If you do have any other issues with the software, you can post it at our community forum http://community.myob.com as we have a support team answering questions there.


    • Hi Jeanne,

      Thanks for yours and all of the other valuable comments above on how slow the cloud version is, I was looking at changing over from V19 Premier, but will seriously reconsider now as my data file slow enough on our internal networked computers as our data file is 500mb.

      I would like to know how big your data file is in MB, also, it would be good to hear anyone elses data file size as I assume this will affect speed.


  • Stu

    I agree with people here, I am running MYOB AccountRight 2014.4…
    It is hopelessly slow at work, home, mobile hotspot.. It takes almost a full minute to open and get started.

    If you are thinking of upgrading forget it, you will regret it.

    Nearly 3 times every hour it crashes, you loose everything currently open and have to restart, even the Server Edition Crashes.

    POOR Effort MYOB, you need to fix it! AVOID at all costs.

    • Steven Wright

      Hi Stu,

      Sorry to read your frustrations. Our support guys have put together a list of tips for making sure you get the best performance, which is up on http://myobaustralia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/33860. It’s a post we’ve updated over time, so hopefully it gives you some boosts. If it’s crashing frequently, I suggest you get in touch via our Community Forum (http://community.myob.com) to get this resolved for you.

      Thanks, and sorry for the frustrations,

  • Stu

    Just one more thing, in response to this comment above
    2. Amount of data

    “Speed is also affected by how much data you have. We’re always surprised at how different businesses are. Some have thousands of cards, some have ten. Some have hundreds of items, some have five. The size of your file— the number of transactions you do and records you have—affects how long it takes to view a list or report.”

    How would you know this data? Have you been opening customers datafiles?

    how secure is our data with MYOB?

    • Steven Wright

      Hi Stu,

      I’ve found the following, which should answer your question:

      “Although you can access and read your data or private information wherever and whenever you like, no-one else can without your authority. ”

      As for security:
      “To ensure our systems are secure, we’ve worked closely with information security specialists such as Appsecure to apply the recommended protocols to protect your business data.
      In addition to providing industry-best practice protocols, we also undertake extensive security testing. This includes detailed analysis on our applications in line with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), and industry-recognised privacy standards. ”

      I hope this helps. Security and privacy are something we take very seriously, so please trust we’ve got the right people who manage this (as in, not me, hence the quotes).

      Thanks, Steve

  • Andrew

    2015 here and I think it is still intolerably slow.

    MYOB 2014.4
    Brand new laptop with i7 CPU and SSD Disk 8GB RAM
    Internet is a solid 10mbps down and 1mbps up
    Brand new datafile with <20 invoices in it so far

    Thankfully this is for a business with very few transactions, I would hate to use it as a busy bookkeeper.

    Compared to MYOB19 it is horrible. I agree with the principal but the execution is sub par. When the amount of data traversing the network is quite slow I don't understand why the application is so slow

    • Steven Wright

      Hi Andrew,
      Sorry to hear you’ve got some speed concerns. Can you please have a look at http://myobaustralia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/33860 and, in particular, have a look at the section where antivirus might be having impact? We’ve had some reports of some firewall configurations having some impact, but if the link here doesn’t help, please lodge a job on http://community.myob.com. The community forum is the best place to reach out for support, from the guys who know the product best.
      Thanks, Steve

  • Des

    I am Running Myob AR Live Plus v2014.4. I’ve now resorted to permanently running on desktop as the file won’t check back into cloud o/a size and connection speed. On all desktop versions, I could VERIFY and/or Optimize at any time and the program would prompt for VERIFY on closure. How do I verify this file now that it’s running permanently on desktop?

    • Steven Wright

      Hi Des,

      The optimise and verify feature of the old software no longer exists. I’m doing some digging into how to help. but we’ll send you an email and work out a time to get some more information from you.

      Regards, Steve

  • Rod

    Live? Dead is closer.
    We are now on the NBN, the computer exceeds requirements and even from new, almost 2 years ago with new data being entered not transfer over, it has been painfully slow. Often not responding for up to 3 minutes when a customer is waiting for a receipt. We have less than 400 cards and less than 100 items.
    This is rubbish. I have to go off line to do any major EDP and then others can not alter whilst I am off line.

    • Steven Wright

      Hi Rod,

      What you’re experiencing doesn’t sound ideal, and I hope we can help. We’ve put together a guide for AccountRight and getting it running as best it can – can you please have a look at http://myobaustralia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/33860. If that doesn’t help, can you please drop a note on Community Forum (http://community.myob.com). I hope things can turn for the better, and the best place to log the issues are on the forum.

      Regards, Steve

  • Richard Taylor

    MYOB account right live plus is killing us. It’s slower than ever. Our machines are good, our internet is good. it’s definitely not our end. I’m going to get the staff to do telemarketing while they’re waiting for MYOB. I might do it aswell while I’m on hold with the help desk.

    • Steven Wright

      Hi Richard,

      Sorry to see the speed issues that you’re experiencing. We’ve put together a post on our customer help site which has a few suggestions on what you can do to ensure AccountRight is running its best. Hopefully it can get things running better for you. http://myobaustralia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/33860

      Regards, Steve