What Lovely Teeth You Have!

Do you sing your clients’ praises?

We know it’s vital to make customers feel good.

But how often do we make them feel fantastic – like life is beautiful and the world is a happy, marvellous place?

Too seldom, I’ll wager.

Dear God

I don’t pray often, but once a year I always do.

It’s when I’m stiff with fear on my dentist’s chair.

And it goes a little like this:

Hiya, God. I know I’m not too reliable at this praying caper, but I figure that frees you to concentrate on more pressing things. I do remain extremely grateful for everything you’ve given me. While I’ve got you, I was wondering if we could do the dentist deal again. It seems to be working pretty well for us. So if you’re still up for it, that’d be really ace. Love, Paul.

Here’s the deal:

If I escape the chair with nothing worse than a scale and clean, I donate $50 to the first charity I come across.

If I need a filling, or some other dreadful treatment, all bets are off.

So far, this deal has worked nine years in ten.

Magic Moment

There’s a particular moment I know God’s coming to the party.

It’s when my dentist, having zapped and prodded me to his satisfaction, utters one of the most beautiful sentences in the English language:

Good, Paul. You’ve got a lovely set of teeth.

At these words, my body relaxes and my soul soars. And I know that soon I’ll be back in the sunshine a free man.

Feeling Groovy

So powerful is this feeling, I recently tried to convey it to some of my clients.

First I wrote to Flip Shelton about her new cookbook:

Dear Flip,

Your book inspired Fonnie to make stir-fried tofu and veggies on the weekend. (Page 123.)

This was her first new recipe in quite a while.

I’ve always been frightened of tofu. Not any more!

The recipe rocked. And so did its maker.

Ergo, you also rock.




Flip instantly replied: 

That is so fabulous to hear! 

Can’t tell you what that does to my head and heart.


Next I wrote glowing, heartfelt testimonials for two other clients.

As LinkedIn is fast becoming very important to switched-on professionals, I posted my words there.

Within minutes, both clients returned the favour (not that it even was one).

My conclusion from these happy events is that people really, really like being told how good they are.

My plan is to tell them a lot more.

How about you?

What a Wonderful Audience!

Do you gladden client hearts?

If so, how?

If not, why?

And when?

You guys are SO ace.

Can you give us an A-men?


Paul Hassing, Founder & Senior Writer, The Feisty Empire