Creative marketing for trades business.


22nd May, 2019

5 creative marketing options for a trades business

As a tradie, it’s easy to get so busy doing your actual work for clients that you don’t get around to building your client list, too.

To ensure you keep getting work month after month, think about ways to land new clients.

You don’t have to stick with the same old methods of sales and marketing all the time, though, and mid-year is the perfect time to start running a few experiments to see what works for you.

Here are some creative ways to get more business this year.

1. Get together with other tradies

For starters, align yourself with other tradies to drum up more custom.

Since you’ll all be going after the same kinds of clients, but for different services, you can recommend each other.

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After all, many homeowners who need one job done will need something related sorted out too.

This is particularly the case when renovating kitchens or bathrooms or building a new home.

2. Follow up with people who previously asked for a quote

It’s not something many tradies think to do, but following up with people who asked you to quote for a job previously can land you more business.

People may not have ever replied to your quote, or they might have gone with another tradie, but this doesn’t mean that when you give them a quick call, they won’t be happy to hear from you.

If they’ve yet to do the job they were first enquiring about, now might be perfect timing to get things back on track.

And, if they did hire someone else last time, they may have been unsatisfied with that person’s work and keen to find another tradesperson to deal with on future projects.

Keeping in touch with leads, no matter how ‘cold’ they seem, shows people you’re proactive, interested in the work, and easy to deal with.

3. Offer a membership service

Another creative tip for you is to offer customers a membership service.

Properties don’t only need to be built or renovated, but they also require maintenance year upon year.

Devise a membership service whereby each year you go to a client’s home and perform maintenance tasks to keep their property in good order.

This scenario benefits both parties. You get more work and reliable income, while your customer saves money in the long run by not having small issues turn into big, costly ones.

4. Develop a loyalty and/or referral program

If you don’t feel like a membership service is right for you, what about setting up a loyalty program?

Developing this type of marketing tool will enable you to build better relationships with clients and retain them over the years.

By allowing them to earn points for use on discounts on services or some other perk, you’ll ensure they get you to do all their work.

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Plus, a loyalty program also makes it less likely they’ll forget your name and lose your number and go elsewhere the next time they need a job done.

A referral program is also a creative strategy to use to increase leads.

When you get new customers because other people praised your work, reliability, and professionalism, you increase your workload without having to spend much time or money.

Simply set up a referral program so that customers who recommend you get a reward of some type when their contact hires you.

For example, this reward could be a discounted service or upgrade in materials.

5. Don’t forget letterbox drops

In this digital age, where marketers are always encouraging entrepreneurs to use online marketing techniques, it can be tempting to forget all about “old-school” ideas.

However, some physical advertising still has its place. In particular, letterbox drops can be worthwhile for tradies.

The reason for this is that tradies generally target specific locations. They can, therefore, arrange to letterbox drop in these suburbs throughout the year.

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Note that it’s usually necessary to go back to the same areas multiple times to gain traction.

Since people typically need to hear about a business or contractor numerous times before they really pay attention, a single flyer in their mailbox probably won’t cut it.

As such, don’t feel like the campaign was a complete loss if you don’t get as many enquiries or bookings as you’d like after the first letterbox drop in a suburb.

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