Top six apps for hospitality businesses

25th January, 2016

Running a busy business in the hospitality industry? Staying on top of staff, stock and systems can be overwhelming.

If you’re in the hospitality industry, your main goal is to have a convenient, informed and valuable relationship with your customers. You also need to know the ins and outs of your cash flow and make sure that all other elements of your business are running smoothly.

Finding the time to do all these things can be a little overwhelming, but there’s a growing number of apps and online solutions that have been developed specifically for businesses in the hospitality industry. They’re compatible with iPhones and iPads, and in many cases Android devices, and many are free to download, provide a free trial, and others may attract a small fee.

Here are six suggestions to make running your hospitality business a breeze.

1. Kounta

Cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) systems are quickly becoming the go-to choice for easily managing and growing small- to medium-sized hospitality businesses.

Kounta works on any internet-enabled device. Use it to help you run a single store or an international franchise. You can add an unlimited number of products, customers and users. And you can add and manage multiple stores and registers.

A variety of add-ons let you build a system that’s perfect for your business. Learn more.

2. Cooking the Books

Cooking The Books is a web-based computer program that links into your accounting software.

It’s been designed to generate food costs, stock control, order sheets, recipe cards, sales revenue, electronic ordering and invoicing, creating a food based operational management system for the hospitality industry. It’s the complete kitchen manager. Learn more.

3. Tanda

Tanda eliminates paper timesheets. Install a Tanda time clock in your business so staff can use a four-digit passcode to clock in and out of work instantly. The time clock creates accurate timesheets in the cloud, instantly interprets your modern award or EBA (including overtime and penalty rates) and exports direct to MYOB payroll.

The time clock features built-in photo verification, making buddy punching and time theft a thing of the past. Learn more.

4. Drinking the Profits

Drinking the Profits is designed to control the beverage costs of your business. It has all the tools to track profitability such as calculating costs per pour, ordering and stocktake, eliminating time spent doubling up on data entry by electronically transferring information into the cloud.

Drinking the Profits even has the ability to create cocktail recipes, store nutritional and dietary information. Learn more.

5. Deputy

Deputy makes it easy to manage employee time in minutes and attendance, track performance, and improve workplace communication. Deputy empowers a world of mobility, integrates with MYOB software, and transforms your businesses operations, saving time and optimising resources. Learn more.

6. HiveMind

HiveMind has been designed to be the most comprehensive point-of-sale management and reporting suite. It’s designed to report on performance, roster and manage timesheets, with sales data captured in HiveMind sent to MYOB ready for reconciliation. Learn more.

These hospitality apps and online solutions work really well when connected to MYOB accounting software. You can further simplify your business processes by automatically syncing data and sharing information between the systems.