The wherewithal for the wear with all

When it comes to variety, how much do you have in any given week? I often have such myriad activities that my week can involve more clothing changes that Paris Hilton on any given day,

There’s nothing typical about my weeks – or my wardrobe – and here’s this week’s agenda (to-date) as an example.




Follow up on the huge response to our search to meet business legend Sir Richard Branson.

After I posted a blog and YouTube clip last week, the Twitter world got behind my organisation m.a.d.woman and we were thrilled to find that we were being re-tweeted all over the world – and even trending here in Australia!

We had so many amazing messages of support and some great offers of help. People have gone out on a limb to try to get us connected with the amazing Sir Richard and we have a couple of really great leads that we are following.

Wardrobe: Jeans-related casual clothing (no external meetings today)



I’m presenting to the Victorian meeting of the National Speakers Association of Australia. I’m sharing some secrets of how to promote your brand with very little budget.


Wardrobe: Corporate attire.





Preparing for a m.a.d.woman event on Wednesday night – Gals Doin’ Good Fashion with Compassion – a women’s networking event where participants will make a difference to people in need.


Wardrobe: Tracksuit pants and hoodie.

‘Shopping’ in my garden. Picking fresh produce that we have grown.

Wardrobe: Daggy gardening clothes (older tracksuit pants and older hoodie).


Giving my partner a haircut.


Wardrobe: Drop sheet.




I’m spending the day with fashion stylist and make-up artist Suzan Saad who will be special guest at our Fashion with Compassion event in the evening. She’ll be assessing my wardrobe and advising me on what to throw out, where I have gaps and how to fill them.

Wardrobe: Every last piece of clothing I own.


At our Fashion with Compassion event, we’re managing to support two fantastic charities – Open Family Australia and The Brotherhood of St Laurence – in one evening.

We’ll have our participants creating packs of clothing for disadvantaged children while managing to pick up a few tips of their own from fashion stylist Suzan Saad.

Wardrobe: Whatever outfit can be cobbled together from the clothes that remain after Suzan’s once-over on my wardrobe earlier in the day.




Admin day.

Wardrobe: Pyjamas. All day (see my earlier blog post on wearing pyjamas all day. Just for the record, I’m not the only person who admits to this. Just sayin’.).


Going out for dinner.


Wardrobe: Rush to get dressed before my partner gets home. The PJs during the day will be our dirty little secret. Shhhh!



Friday (and Saturday)

Day (and evening)…

Today the plan is to hunt for Sir Richard Branson. I’ll be spending the next two days at the 21 Century Financial Education Summit. The aim is to connect with Sir Richard.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to hearing from the like of Tim Ferriss (the author of bestselling book ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’), Jamie McIntyre (love learning from go-getting entrepreneurs) and Jeff and Kane (two savvy business entrepreneurs who are helping me grow my speaking business) and more.

Wardrobe: Whatever stylist Suzan Saad has recommended (see Wednesday ‘By day…’ above).


How much time do you put into working out what to wear each day? Do you have a role that requires multiple wardrobe changes or do you have a uniform? Does what you wear change how you feel?

PS.  Want a style make-over by Suzan Saad too?  She’ll be giving away her top tips at my Fashion with Compassion girls night in – and there’s still a few tickets left!  Click here to come along and join the party.