The (not so) secret to becoming a connected practice

When I ponder the ongoing success of MYOB’s recently released Client Accounting (using online ledgers), I look no further than early adopters like WA’s Shane Kaurin of AMD Chartered Accountants.

This firm is the prototype of the connected practice. In the cloud, advisory-focused and taking advantage of automation and technology advances. It’s interesting that being based in regional WA (where one might assume the internet is not the swiftest) isn’t holding them – or their clients – back from new and efficient ways of working.

Working closely with these technology-hungry practices is a no-brainer for MYOB. We’re investing significant time, energy and money to satisfy their appetite for efficiency, collaboration and simplicity.

On that note, a big thank you goes out to practices like AMD, who have been piloting cloud-enabled client accounting from the beginning.

So what makes AMD tick? We swing our gaze westwards to find out …

Download the AMD Chartered Accountants story (PDF)

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