The best websites and blogs for accountants to follow

1st January, 2015

accountants desk

Websites, online articles and blogs can be a great source of useful content for accountants. Accountants can often get a broader perspective and take their knowledge to the next level by following online content.

Since rules change constantly for accountants, regularly updated websites and blogs are often the best source of information on new developments. They’re key for accountants seeking to keep themselves current with the latest. Also, many blogs are written in summary format, which makes it easier to grasp concepts and understand complex issues in a timely manner. Oftentimes there is even a worked example as part of the information provided.

The timely availability of up-to-date, summarised information on changes helps me stay current on taxation, accounting, government policy changes and more.

The following are my top four go-to sites for information:

  1. Australian Taxation Office – Here, not only will you find great website content that is concise and has worked examples, but it also can assist you by offering “How To” YouTube videos. Also be sure to follow ATO on Facebook and Twitter because they offer informational posts and updates on new information.
  2. Australian Financial Review – This regularly updated website content will keep you informed of the latest trends in finance, economics, tax, accounting, business and government policy changes. Also, the articles explore how the changes impact accounting and tax in practice and in business. There is also content available on Facebook and Twitter posts. The site has excellent articles in their newsletters. Subscribe so the news will conveniently arrive in your inbox, and staying updated will become a part of your routine.
  3. CPA Australia and Institute of Chartered Accountants – With CPA Australia’s My Online Learning feature, knowledge portals and online community, it’s a one-stop shop for any accountant or public practice practitioner wanting to keep themselves compliant and informed. The Institute of Chartered Accountants’ MyCommunity Blog has the latest thoughts in the accounting industry about the impact of economic, finance, tax and government policy. Plus, you can connect with your peers and leave comments.
  4. MYOB – The Pulse Blog has news, views and ideas for your business ranging from government policy, to accounting software, to social media. MYOB has always provided excellent support for accountants and small businesses, and The Pulse is a great place to get advice from qualified peers. You can comment and interact with experts in various business specialties, including accounting, marketing, finance, and public relations—all of which are useful for anyone in business. Follow MYOB on Twitter at @MYOBteam to keep up with the latest posts and subscribe to the newsletter too. The Pulse is a great place to comment on the challenges of running a business, ask queries about issues with utilising your software and learn about where the accounting profession is heading.

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