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5 reasons mobile payments are here to stay

If you ever need any indication that mobile payment adoption will pick up speed here, you only need to look at the number of new players entering the market over the last few months. It’s a hot topic in the payments industry right now, and

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Running a one-person business? Here are some tech tips

Many entrepreneurs start out as a one-man (or woman) show. While this can be challenging, exhausting and incredibly rewarding, ultimate success may not be determined by your business idea, but by how organised you are.

Experienced freelancers and small businesses that are single person operations need

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Can you afford not to have a mobile website?

With millions of consumers tapping away 24/7 on their smartphones and tablets, business owners must face the ever-present question of whether or not it’s time to develop a mobile friendly website. Whether opting for a mobile responsive site, a stand-alone mobile site or an app,

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Your customers are mobile. Why aren’t you?

Australian consumers have been early adopters of technology for decades. We buy devices, connect to the internet and try out gadgets faster than almost any other nation. Australia ranks second, ahead of the US, UK and Japan in smartphone usage. Google expects this trend to accelerate,

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6 apps to start building a mobile workforce

In terms of technologies, nothing has been more disruptive than mobile Internet.

Did you know that there are now more smartphones sold each year than desktop computers? And that mobile will surpass desktop Internet usage sometime in 2014?

For businesses, this has had a profound impact on

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Phone addiction proving not so smart for workers

Forget drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. There is a growing concern that many of us are addicted to our smartphones.

Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about that humble little device that among other things, can send emails and texts, give you access to the internet, post messages

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