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Are eBayers going feral?

I sold this rare childhood poster for $75. Despite my best packing efforts it vanished into hyperspace.


You know how some phenomena (divorce, road rage, vampire fiction, coral bleaching) are believed to reflect a broader malaise?

Well, I think eBayers are trying to

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The Bigger Issues


The Big Issue is a fabulous way for homeless and marginalised people to improve their health, well-being, social connection and self-worth.

This sterling initiative also offers valuable sales lessons to business people.


Two Cities

I live in a schizophrenic area.

Hip Street teems with bright, well-heeled young

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Up. Up. And Away!



Upselling is a double-edged sword.

Used well, it loosens purse strings for mutual benefit.

Done badly, it’s a cut-throat affair.

So how to handle this tricky tool?


The Ugly

Many customers do NOT want fries with ANY thing.

I used to start burger orders with: ‘I don’t want fries

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The Punter’s Ton


A version of this post has just been published in Seth Godin’s Purple Cow New Edition (hardback). Check it out here.



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