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When will you ever learn?

When was the last time you attended a training session on the software you use each day?

When was the last time you sat down with someone qualified to teach you how to best use the tools of your trade.…

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On the Road; MYOB Roadshow Diaries Week 3

MYOB AccountRight Product Manager Dale Dixon is on the road in Australia and New Zealand, presenting to 8,000-plus accounting and bookkeeping partners. In his down time, he’s blogging about the experience with observations from each event, questions from attendees, and tales from road. If you

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7 steps to make Christmas sales a cinch

The lead-up to Christmas can be a frenzied period for business owners. As more consumers loosen the purse strings, it also spells a tougher competition vying for consumer dollars.

We’ve prepared 7 steps to help SMEs prepare a successful sales strategy.

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Dropbox introduces new changes to AccountEdge

Dropbox has recently updated its platform, including their application programming interface (API).

It will continue to support existing users on the older version of their API until April, but will stop support next month onwards.

These changes will affect MYOB’s AccountEdge mobile application. On our end, we have

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Costello: Australia needs a huge productivity push

Peter Costello may never be idolised in the same depth you would a rock star, but he can definitely hold his own on any centre stage.

Speaking at the MYOB Accountants Roadshow, Costello was the consummate politician. He regaled audience with personal stories during his time

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