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How to write a business plan to secure finance

One of the most crucial steps to apply for a business loan is to prepare your business plan.

This is in addition to any loan application form the bank may provide. But preparing a solid business plan is not a lightweight task, or one to be done

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7 steps to make Christmas sales a cinch

The lead-up to Christmas can be a frenzied period for business owners. As more consumers loosen the purse strings, it also spells a tougher competition vying for consumer dollars.

We’ve prepared 7 steps to help SMEs prepare a successful sales strategy.

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Consolidating your super? Read this first


Let me start by painting a typical scenario I faced recently. A couple wanted to buy an investment property. Their mortgage broker advised them that they were on the margin of getting the loan but needed to show more assets. He suggested they update the

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Paying by instalments

How petty is your cash?


If you read my terms and bad debt rants, you won’t be shocked to hear I was wary of a client’s request to pay in parts.

The outcome, however, was surprising.


Little fish

I’d only been serving this client a few months.


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6 signs you need help managing finances

So you have managed your money well most of your life and without the help of anyone else. You have your pride and don’t want to seem needy, but you wonder if you could use help managing your finances. What are the signs, and what

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Is Crowdfunding right for your business?

Crowdfunding has its origin in fundraising. It is typically well known in the form of online campaigns, encouraging people to raise money for activities such as disaster relief, political support, scientific research, non-profit causes or arts projects. Raising money for commercial businesses is a natural extension

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An open call for support for Aussie SMEs

It’s cash rate time again, and this month we’re calling on the Reserve Bank to support the innovation dreams of small to medium sized enterprises by announcing a cash rate reduction tomorrow.

According to our latest Business Monitor research, a key priority for SMEs in 2012

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