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How alternative lending is creating value for SMEs

There are now more sources of funding for small businesses than in any other time in history.

The rise and rise of financial tech (fintech) plays around the world has been astonishing to witness over the past few years, with alternative lenders able to effectively act

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Six grants for startups

Starting up a new business can be exhilarating, but it does have its challenges. Here are some pointers for taking some of the pain our of getting started.

One of those challenges is cashflow.

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6 signs you need help managing finances

So you have managed your money well most of your life and without the help of anyone else. You have your pride and don’t want to seem needy, but you wonder if you could use help managing your finances. What are the signs, and what

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Get faster access to NAB QuickBiz loans from today

Applying for traditional business loans can be time consuming; compiling business financial statements and then waiting for these documents to be assessed and approved can take weeks. As a result, many of our clients miss opportunities that require fast access to funds.

To address this, we’ve

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5 questions to ask before applying for a loan

So, you’re thinking about going to the bank for a loan because your business is growing and you need some extra cash to keep the momentum going. To improve the probability of being successful with your loan application, preparation is the key. …

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Financing your small business

Having access to finance when you need it in your business is a great strategy, but where do you go looking for it?

Banks and other traditional options Banks remain the most favoured option for small business funding. Bank finance can be tricky if you don’t know

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