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My favourite productivity tools for business

It’s not a coincidence that cloud computing is the bedrock of more than a few billion dollar companies. Cloud solutions allow you to do more with the same amount of time. We asked 6 Pulse authors which godsend little helpers they use to run their business and

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Changing of the app guard

Looking at my iPhone and iPad today I realized there had been a changing of the guard. The apps I traditionally assumed I was using have kind of fallen by the way side and a new breed has taken their place. Change is normal and

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Build a business, not an app

Angry Birds – one of the pioneering games that sparked the app craze

It seems people are just putting the word “preneur” on the back of anything these days, aren’t they?  We’re seeing entrepreneur morphed into Mumpreneur (now in the dictionary), Wantrepreneur (someone that desires

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