Re-GIF-ted: 5 tips to survive the Christmas party season

30th November, 2017

So it’s that time of year again. The endless parade of yuletide cheer can leave you feeling more Grinch than Kringle – so how do you survive?

Christmas parties can be a great way to meet potential clients – and to thank existing clients for a great year – but there are only so many parties you can go to before your Christmas spirit has had it.

There’s only one way through: a solid game plan (and a heady tolerance for Christmas carols with a ‘delightfully modern twist’).

Here’s your game plan.

(But the heady tolerance for twisted Christmas carols is up to you.)

1. Eat before you go to the party


Let’s face it, you’re probably going to have a few bevvies at the party – and there’s nothing wrong with that in moderation.

But make sure you have a decent food base lining your stomach.

That way, you won’t end up like Gerald from Accounts after a few celebratory vinos.

2. Don’t go alone


Admit it: you don’t want to get stuck chatting to Gerald from Accounts without a conversational buffer.

If you happen to have a significant other or great friend in your life, bring them along. Seventy-eight percent of all relationships survive so that people have someone to bring with them to parties.*

Introducing other people to your guest is a great ice-breaker too.

3. Follow up via email or with a LinkedIn message


A lot of people will have a handful of business cards at the end of the night, but have absolutely no idea who they actually talked to.

Want to stand out from the pack of faceless business cards? Send a follow-up email or friendly LinkedIn message the next day telling your new acquaintance that it was nice to meet them.

Just remember, keep it human instead of corporate. That means words like, ‘connect’ and ‘touch base’ should be fired into the sun rather than work their way into an email.

(Gerald does that. Don’t be Gerald.)

4. Find your tribe


Feel a bit awkward at large gatherings? Well, the bad news is that there’s not a lot you can do about that in a short timeframe.

The great news is that there are probably more than a few people at the party who feel exactly the same way and can’t wait to break away from their conversation with Gerald.

Find them, and the night will go a bit more quickly.

5. Switch to morning exercise


A lot of people like to exercise after work, but Christmas party season throws a spanner, wrench, screwdriver and possibly even a hammer in the works.

But with the sun now rearing its glorious head earlier in the day, there’s an opportunity to salute the sun by…saluting the sun.

Keeping your routine will keep you in shape – which is important because you’ll be chomping on a metric tonne** of canapes.

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* Not a scientific measurement.

** Neither is this.

*** Not actually trademarked.