8th August, 2018

Success: The Podcast – season two

What does it mean to dive headlong into the world of entrepreneurship from a standing start?

In the second season of Success: The Podcast, we deep dive into the tales of six incredible women who have jumped into the unknown and founded their own startups through the SheStarts accelerator (proudly supported by MYOB).

From superannuation to puppies, these founders saw a problem and are doing something about it – and in the first 12 months of business they’ve found that there are plenty of other problems they’ll need to solve along the way.

Want to find out more?

Dr Anna Wright – BindiMaps

GPS tools are great, but they have two main drawbacks – number one, they don’t really canvas indoor areas and number two, if you’re vision impaired then they’re hit and miss to say the least.

Dr. Anna Wright, founder and CEO of BindiMaps, decided to do something about it.

BindiMaps is a navigation tool that empowers vision-impaired people to safely and confidently move through indoor spaces.

In this episode, Anna tells us how what could have been a personal crisis led her to spearheading an innovation that’s opening up a whole new world of independence for vision impaired people.

Dr Annie McAuley – Talkiplay

They say necessity is the mother of all invention, but Dr. Annie McAuley takes that one step further.

She’s combined the benefits of her research background with the drive to help her daughter Grace, to create Talkiplay, which helps kids overcome talking delays.

Annie talks us through how her love of taking things apart to see how they work was instrumental in creating a fun working environment for grace.

So did Talkiplay help? Let’s find out.

Dr Carla Harris – Longevity App

The superannuation shortfall is a hot topic in Australia, with some reports telling us that over sixty percent of Australians are worried they won’t have enough super.

And of those that do have super, it’s estimated that women retire with roughly half the amount that men do.

Dr. Carla Harris coupled her expertise in research and analytics with her experience in workplace gender equality to address this superannuation gap.

She created Longevity App, which helps people save a little extra for retirement every time they spend.

Dr Claire Jenkins – VetChat

Today we’re talking to Dr. Claire Jenkins, founder and CEO of VetChat, a tele-health platform for pets.

What’s tele-health? Well, more about that later.

In the meantime, Claire’s going to take us through the ups-and-downs of her startup and share some great advice along the way.

Danielle Owen Whitford – Pioneera

Danielle Owen Whitford is the CEO of Pioneera, an app which uses artificial intelligence to predict employee stress in organisations.

Danielle channeled the leadership skills she developed in her successful corporate career into becoming an entrepreneur.

She’s going to talk to us about her own experiences with corporate burnout, and how they led to her creating a program that helps prevent burnout in others.

Lily Dempster – The Neighbourhood Effect

We talk to Lily Dempster, founder and CEO of The Neighbourhood Effect, a new Canberra based social enterprise.

The Neighbourhood Effect builds digital products that use behavioural science to make it easy and social for Australians to reduce their environmental impact.

So, how can one climate activist use tech to make a global impact?

Lily’s going to take us through how she’s used the environmental thinking that’s already happening in this space, and add her unique insight to make it something really powerful and accessible.