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If you’ve a business but no website, this is your lucky day.

Today we explore the simplest method I’ve found to get you online.

Despite its funny name, Squidoo is one of the internet’s top 500 sites*.

It’s easy, effective, fun and free.

Paint by Numbers

Squidoo is to web content what building blocks are to toddlers.

You can be illiterate and uncoordinated yet still produce an attractive, functional result in minutes.

The whole thing is done with ‘modules’.

You don’t need to pay an IT boffin or learn HTML, CMS or any other technical language.

You just pick the modules for whatever content you want to display (text, pictures, videos, links, surveys … the list is enormous).

Once you’ve strung some modules together, you ‘publish’ the result and it’s live – with its very own URL (web address) that you can broadcast to the world.

Many Facets

In studying Squidoo for two years, I’ve gone through three phases.

In Phase 1, I created ‘lenses’ (small web pages or microsites) to glean passive income via monetarisation modules (e.g. Amazon, eBay, AdWords). This was not terribly successful, but some dreams die very hard.

In Phase 2, I began showcasing my cartoons, short stories and photographs. This was great fun and extremely rewarding in terms of audience feedback.

In Phase 3, I started promoting my professional copywriting services – again with good results.

Now, having encountered several clients who’ve struggled to create business websites, I perceive a fourth use for Squidoo.

Phase 4

(MYOB) Naomi told me the other day that around 65% of Australian businesses have no online presence.

I was stunned by this figure – not least because, in the eyes of our young, if you’re not online you don’t exist.

Yet I’ve witnessed the angst and expense that go with trying to build a website.

The way I see it, Squidoo:

  1. Helps you define goals and organise ideas and content before you start spending money on IT specialists.
  2. Serves as a de facto website until you have the cash, time and stamina to go through the World Wide Wringer.


You & Squidoo

You can use Squidoo lenses as brochures, industry portals or retail outlets to:

  • Educate customers.
  • Build your profile.
  • Sell products and services.

The better your content, the higher your lenses rank.

This attracts fiscal and other benefits (which I can cover in another post if there’s interest).

And did I mention that Squidoo is 100% FREE?

A glance at my 39 lenses will show you the versatility of this extraordinary invention.

I highly commend Squidoo as a business-building tool and warmly welcome your ideas, thoughts, questions and stories.

* Source: Wikipedia.

Paul Hassing, Founder & Senior Writer, The Feisty Empire